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Vampire Academy Review. Pales To Excite & Keep Our Attention

Vampire Academy Review By April Faith Spice Vampire Academy will probably please the avid fan's of the widely popular YA Book series by the same name, but to someone who isn't familiar with the story it pales to excite and keep attention. While reminding us several times that it is indeed not " Twilight " it still cast's a main character that looks and broods remarkably like " Edward Cullen " ( Dominic Sherwood as Christian Ozera) and features quite a few panning tree shots that even my Jr. High age daughter said, "This looks like Twilight". Vampire Academy takes place at St. Vladimir’s, a hidden boarding school attended by Moroi (nice vampires who can come out in the day) and Dhampir (half-vampire/half-human guardians who are trained to protect the members of the 12 Moroi families). Rose Hathaway ( Zoey Duetch ) is a Dhampir gauardian to Moroi princess Lissa ( Lucy Fry ) who are on the run when they are caught and brought bac

"Forever May They "Reign" Why you Should Be Watching This Show

"Forever May They "Reign" By: April Faith Spice " Forever may they "Reign "... Why you should be watching the new award winning show!" A few months ago we tried to tell you that you needed to be watching the new CW show " Reign " based (loosely) off of Mary Queen of Scots and her engagement to the Prince of France. (Played by Adelaide Kane, and Toby Regbo) Now I'm reminding you because for only being on the air for 3 months they have their first award! Last week at the People's Choice awards, " Reign " brought home the awards for "Favorite New Drama" beating out other nominee's such as " The Originals " (The Vampire Diaries Spin-off), Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , and Sleepy Hollow to name a few. Adelaide Kane and Torrance Combs (who plays the King of France's bastard Son, Bash) were there to accept the award and as you can tell from the pictures, the two are fun loving and g

The Legend Of Hercules Review. Let's Hear What The Ladies Think.

The Legend Of Hercules Review By: April Faith Spice Here you go... While I did throw the ladies a bone... And I quite enjoyed looking up pictures of Kellan. I cannot in good faith for my fellow movie goers give this film a shining review. And that makes me sad! lol "The Legend of Hercules 3D" can't be saved by Washboard Ab's. The Legend of Hercules stars Kellan Lutz , pretty much only known for his role of Emmet Cullen in the Twlight Franchise. I was an admitted "Twi-Hard" and Emmet was my favorite character in the book so when Kellan was cast as him. I was pretty excited because... well look at him. I mean have you seen him? Through the years I have had several opportunities to meet Kellan and he really is just a fantastic guy. So amazing to his fan's and contrary to popular belief and what has been said about the guy... he is very very smart! He went to College to major in Chemical Engineering. The thing that just makes me so sad is that I

Frozen Review. April Faith Spice Loved Frozen

Frozen Review By: April Faith Spice I have to admit that when I first heard sometime last year that Disney's next "Big" movie was called " Frozen " and was about the " Snow Queen " I was a little disappointed and even though I tend to be somewhat of a "Disney Nerd" didn't check into it too terribly much before I was able to see a screening of it this week. I saw the generic teaser that played before Monster's University in May but it also didn't tell me much ABOUT the film, so I wasn't sure where Disney was going with this one. I am glad to report that I was very very surprised with how much I like, no loved Frozen . Before the movie started, I heard a man talking behind me that Disney just isn't his "thing" and that he could take it or leave it, That his life wouldn't be affected either way if it had never existed. My immediate thought was "Blashpemy!", but I kept that to myself. Hones

Why We Love The New CW Series Reign!

Why We Love The New CW Series Reign! By: AprilFaithSpice You might have heard that today, The CW Network announced that it has given full season's to it's new series, The Vampire Diaries Spin-off " The Originals ", The Tomorrow People and lastly " Reign ". I started watching this new show Reign on accident really, It premiered after The Vampire Diaries a few weeks ago and I was instantly intrigued and set my DVR to record new episodes. Now a few weeks in, It is probably the show I look forward to watching the most every week and most often watch it live! (Who does that anymore?) Let me tell you a little about the show and what I love about it. Adelaide Kane stars as sixteen-year-old Mary, Queen of Scots as she tries to cement her alliance with France by marrying Prince Francis ( Toby Regbo ). The task at hand sounds simple but oh no it's not. The show mixes magic, love triangles, affairs, murder, and all sorts of drama to keep the people int