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Transformers 2 hold's on to top spot.

Transformers 2 Held on to the top spot for the weekend box office with 42.4 Million Dollars. Ice Age 3 came in with a close 42 Million Dollars. The good old Dinosaurs all most toppled the Mighty Robots. So far in 12 days, Transformers has managed to pull in a Whooping 293.5 Million Dollars. Dam!! Holy Shit. Pretty good for a movie that was not loved by critics and some fans. The power of Robots and a HOT Chick.

Ice Age 3 beats the Mighty Transformers!!

Ice Age 3 did what most people thought would never happen. It beat out Transformers 2. An estimated 13.8 million dollars showing on 3993 theaters. Was the top grossing movie on Wednesday . Transformers did 10.9 million dollars . Well I know this is only for one day but this does show you the power of Kids that drag there parents to movies. I am sure the PG rating didn't hurt the movie either. We will find out the true champ on Monday. In other note Michael Mann's Crime drama Public Enemies open also the same day as Ice Age. The movie made 8.2 million dollars on an estimated 3,319 theaters.