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Mr. Nice Trailer Starring Rhys Ifans

Mr. Nice Trailer Starring Rhys Ifans Mr. Nice is a 2010 British comedy and drama film directed by Bernard Rose, and starring Rhys Ifans (The Replacements/Notting Hill) and Chloë Sevigny . The film tells the story of Howard Marks , a notorious British drug smuggler; the screenplay was adapted by director Rose from Marks' autobiography of the same name. The film follows the Welsh stoner Oxford graduate on his worldwide odyssey in pursuit of "beneficial herbs". He became a master of the ridiculous disguise, got involved with the CIA, MI6, the IRA, the Mafia, and the Mexican secret service, and spent seven years (of a 25 year sentence) in jail in the States. Chloe Sevigny, Elsa Pataky, Andrew Tiernan, Omid Djalili and, apparently, Ken Russell are also on-hand, and the director is Bernard Rose (Kreutzer Sonata, Candyman, Paperhouse). Please Leave Comment- Source- IGN