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Composer James Horner Dies at 61

Busy composer known for Titanic and Star Trek II and III . Story by Matt Cummings Television and film composers don't always get the credit they deserve. Sure, there's a Best Score section at each year's self-congratulatory Oscars; but in many ways music serves as a film's heartbeat, setting the tone that the DP, Cinematographer, or Director establish with their visuals. One of those 'heartbeats' left us tragically on Monday, as we learned of the death of Composer James Horner. The 61 year-old was killed when the single-engine plane he was piloting crashed 60 miles outside of Santa Barbara. Horner composed some of Hollywood's most popular films over the last 30 years - over 100 in all - from Braveheart to Avatar , to Troy and 2012's The Amazing Spider-man . He crafted the memorable score for 1986's Aliens , giving it a militaristic beat which helped elevate that film into every geek's 'Best Ever' list. He took musical