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LAMB Review 'Weirdly Special Movie'

And The Best Film Score of 2016 Goes To...

It wasn't easy, but we've managed to provide you our top 5 film scores of 2016. Review by Matt Cummings It's not easy to find websites which love soundtrack scores as much as the films themselves, but we at SJF think the entire film must be considered when judging its value. Central to any movie's success is its use of music, and 2016 gifted us with potentially the best year we've ever heard. From television to movies and even video games, we witnessed an onslaught that began in January and didn't let up until 12/31. But as with all things, the bill must come due which means taking a moment to remember the top scores of the year. It wasn't easy, but we've managed to fashion together a list that covers all forms of entertainment, something we frankly couldn't have done in previous years. Our immense thanks goes out to The Krakower Group for securing us with these scores. Without delay, here are our top film scores of 2016: X-Men Apoca

Soundtrack Review: #XMenApocalypse

X-men: Apocalypse - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is superhero bombast at its best. Review by Matt Cummings Say what you want about the newest X-men film (our boy Rama loved it ), but in my mind it lacked a sense of danger from the menacing Apocalypse (played by Oscar Issac). Sure, there's a few very good scenes (including an excellent pair of cameos), and Director Bryan Singer has a good (but not strong) understanding of all the new mutants that he introduces. However, one would be shortsighted to attach the same negativity to Composer John Ottman's score, a bombastic and headstrong affair that will encourage you to follow this X-men baddie to the ends of the earth. Set in the 1980's, Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is slowly building his School For Gifted Youngsters, employing Beast (Nicholas Hoult) and Havok (Lucas Till) as teachers for a new and growing class of mutants. But deep under the wreckage of an ancient Egyptian pyramid, an inesca

Soundtrack Review: #TheNiceGuys Score

The Nice Guys - Original Motion Picture Score takes us back to 70s porn and 80's action style. Review by Matt Cummings If you haven't seen the Russell Crowe/Ryan Gosling 70s PI comedy The Nice Guys , stop reading this review and take your best friend to see this film. Afterwards, read our review ( which you can see HERE ), and then check out our thoughts below on Composer John Ottman and David Buckley's excellent score. The release by Lakeshore Records is a mix of 70's porn and 80's action style that's sure to find an immediate place of worship in your music library. Los Angeles PI's Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) and Holland March (Ryan Gosling) are not exactly the perfect Dynamic Duo for 1977. The bruiser Healy has been sent to beat up March, who is looking for a missing porn star. But as the two 'meet' with Healy getting the better (broken) hand, the two realize that they're being set up by shadowy and powerful forces. It's re