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Olivia Munn In Playboy!!

G4's Olivia Munn Is in this month's Playboy. I am sure all the Nerds and Geeks were waiting for this one. I know I was. Checking the mail everyday. When I Finally got the magazine I had to rip it open. I started to flip threw the pages and could not find any pictures of her. I flipped threw about five times and Finally found the Picture. You can see it here. ( ) And I was very Disappointed in the shoot. One picture of her. Come on you have her on the cover of the magazine. One dam Picture. But shit at least we got one picture. This just shows you the growing popularity if her into the main stream. She will also be appearing in Iron Man 2 next summer. Her roll is still unknown. Maybe we will get lucky and one of her Ex's Will leak a Dirty video of her. We can all wish.

G4 and Starwars- @ Comic Con will be Televised!

Can't make it to Comic Con this year. No worries. G4 and Lucas will be televising the first ever comic con panel. The panel will be hosted by Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn. On Sat July 25th @ 2pm ET/PT. Also joining them will Steve Sansweet and Dave Filoni . In addition, fans are invited to participate in the panel itself by submitting Clone Wars questions through a special G4 micro-site . Questions will be answered during the live presentation by Dave Filoni and other Clone Wars creatives! And Maybe we will get some new on Star Wars Celebration 5? We can only have our fingers crossed

Transformers- Revenge of the Fallen. First day gross

Transfomers- Revenge of the Fallen. Opened world wide last night with Midnight showings at around 3,000 movies Theaters. Coming in with 16 million dollars. This compare to Batman The Dark Knight coming in with 18.5 Million in a little over 3,000 Theaters.

Is Michael Papajohn Returning for Spider-Man 4?

Is Michael Papajohn going to be in Spider-Man 4? How would they set this up? Maybe a flashback or some kind. Or maybe he didn't die? Here is the Scope from Superherohype.

Iron Man 2 Set Pictures. Nick Fury AKA Samuel Jackson

Thanks to spoilertv For the pictures. Here are some of the new Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury pictures. On set @ Randy's Donuts . Earlier this month Jon Favreau Twittered photos of Robert Downey Jr. wearing the Iron Man suit and sitting inside the giant doughnut. Comment and let me know what you think.

Transformers 2 Review-By rogerebert

From his website Roger ebert . It seem like he really does not like this movie. I haven't seen the movie yet but can't think that it is going to be as Bad as Rodger says that it is. I have always been a Micheal Bay fan. Yes he movies don't have the best stories or actors. But he does blow up shit in a good away. Commenet below and let me know what you think

Moneyball past on.

There was Huge news over the weekend. When Sony dropped the Project by Steve Soderbergh and staring Brad Pitt . The book is based on the Oakland A's Baseball team and General manager Billy Bean . Moneyball . And thanks to the LA Times We hear that there were a few Studios that passed.

Welcome to my Blog.

Welcome to my blog. I have always wanted somewhere to share my love for Movies, Television . Pretty much anything that makes me a geek. The site will look ruff @ first and I hope to get better. SO here we go. Hold on I know it's going to be a long and hard ride @ first