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Blue Bloods S05 E12 Recap: Home Sweet Home

Issues continue with Season 5's latest premiere. Review by David Clark In its second episode back from mid-season break the family oriented police drama is back this week with another show. In the 5th season Blue Bloods is still entertaining but as things progress there appears to be a lack of clarity. In previous seasons an over-arching plot has helped drive the narrative from one show to the next. This plot line usually leads up to a satisfying conclusion by the end of the season. The current season has yet to establish that episode connecting plot leaving the audience with somewhat compartmentalized episodes. This week’s episode opens up with Jamie Reagan and his partner Officer Jenko entering a bank in response to a call about a homeless person scaring customers in front of a bank. When they discover the homeless person is just a kid they decide to help. Unfortunately the kid takes off and they have to chase him down. When they finally catch the homeless ch

Top 5 Stoner Movies Of All-Time

Top 5 Stoner Movies Of All-Time Since the beginning of its popularity in the United States, marijuana has influenced generations, cultures, as well as blockbuster Hollywood films. Marijuana is so popular, it has been said that more than 18 million people used it in 2009, and that's just the out-of-the-closet potheads. What if you added the behind-the-scenes, no-one knows, users? That number would probably triple. If it wasn't so, Hollywood wouldn't make movies about it, and we wouldn't have these hilariously funny movies to watch. It's time to countdown the Top 5 Stoner Films of All-Time, so sit back and relax, because it's time to get BAKED! (Note: When I say Stoner films, I mean Stoner films. These are all films that are either dedicated to or are influenced by marijuana.) 5. Pineapple Express - Written and directed by team Apatow (the guys who brought us Superbad, The 40-year-old Virgin, and Knocked up), this 2008 film is based on the lives of a pot smoki