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Television Cancellations at 5-Year Low

Here's why the lack of cancellations on broadcast television is historically significant. For those of you who tuned in to our Fall Television Preview, you know how many broadcast networks were premiering new shows. After the bloodbath of 2013 - in which 5 show were cancelled by October 15th, everyone knew that ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW had a lot of work to do. And while a couple of shows are rumored for the chopping block, it seems that viewers have supported new shows in droves. In fact, four weeks into the Fall television season, we're still waiting for our first cancellation. Why is that news significant? Consider that over the past 6 years prior to the current season, broadcast television had cancelled on average 3 shows by this time, or 18 total shows. Last year and 2011 experienced the highest cancellations with 5 each, while 2009 enjoyed 0 and 2010 had only 1. So why the sudden love for broadcast television? Here are a couple of possibilities: There