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Rediscovering the Essential Superman By:jonathancyfer

Rediscovering the Essential Superman By:jonathancyfer We want to welcome guest writer jonathancyfer to the site and we are looking forward to adding him to our sandwich family. In a recent interview with Empire magazine, Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) discussed his role as " mentor " for the upcoming Superman film reboot , scheduled for release during the 2012 holiday season. One of the most widely circulated statements made by Nolan was: "What you have to remember with both Batman and Superman, is that what makes those the best superhero characters there are, the most beloved after all this time, is the essence of who those characters were when they were created and when they were first developed. And you can't ever move too far from that." There is a tremendous amount of speculation regarding what form the new Superman film will take. Assuming that Nolan will have more than a passing amount of influence on the movie franchise's r