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VOTM-Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles

VOTM-Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles Video Of The Month. Star Wars Gangsta Rap. If you have seen the first video then your going to love this new version. It is a completely new song and has added to the line up. MCs Vader, Skywalker, Palpatine and Trooper are back with a sequel to the hit animated series Star Wars Gangsta Rap. With surprise appearances from Leia, Lando, and all your favorite flow from a galaxy far, far away. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Atomfilms

Survivor All-Star 2 Announced

Survivor All-Star 2 Announced So who's your money on? We already know that next season's Survivor will be another "All-Star" edition, this time dubbed Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. After 19 seasons there have certainly been some stand-out personalities. And now, we know exactly which ones are headed back out to try their luck again. And one player from Samoa will be joining them -- need I say who? Just as Rupert Boneham went straight from the Pearl Islands edition into the first All-Stars, the producers recognized right away what a villain they had in Russell Hantz, and the Samoa runner-up was sent right back out to try his luck in an all-villains team. The full "Villains" roster: Tyson Apostol (Tocantins) - smart-ass who hated Sierra Randy Bailey (Gabon) - curmudgeon who hated everyone Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pear Islands) - won without winning a single challenge Danielle DiLorenzo (Panama) - beat Cirie in the final fire-making challenge Russell Hantz (Samoa)

Zachary Levi Or Chuck Talks Where He Sees Show Headed

Zachary Levi Or Chuck Talks Where He Sees Show Headed What does Zachary Levi, or Chuck's Chuck, want for his character when he returns for the third season? Levi would like to see "The birth of a superhero, you know," he admitted when he sat down for an interview with Televisionary (aka Jace) just after production had started last fall. In the just-released video interview, Levi offered his thoughts about our favorite bumbling spy, who may not be quite as bumbling now that his brain has been upgraded with the Intersect 2.0 giving him mad physical spy skills to go with his ability to flash on the government secrets installed in his head. "I think as he starts to get more of a handle on the Intersect and all that stuff, and just trains in the everyday stuff," said Levi, "he's going to become what fate had always meant for him to become, which was the best spy in the world." However, Levi also sounds pretty excited at the thought of playing Chuck, Act

Marvel And Disney One Happy Family

Marvel And Disney One Happy Family Marvel stockholders have approved the company's plan to merge Marvel Entertainment with the Walt Disney Co., Marvel announced Thursday. The deal, which will see Marvel become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mouse House, was approved at a special meeting in New York Thursday morning. Marvel estimates the merger’s value at $4.3 billion. The completed merger is still subject to conditions in the definitive proxy statement/prospectus filed by Disney with the SEC December 2. Related News- Disney Going To Dig Deep Into Marvel's Vault Marvel and Disney Merger Set For December 31, 2009 Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

Fox To Go Dark On Time Warner Cable

Fox To Go Dark On Time Warner Cable Fox and Time Warner Cable are in the final hours of a showdown in the face of the Thursday midnight deadline for the sides to cut a deal to prevent Fox-owned channels from going dark on Time Warner systems in New York, Los Angeles and seven other markets. Execs from the companies were expected to negotiate again Thursday in a last-ditch effort to come to terms before the expiration of the previous contracts allowing Time Warner Cable to carry 14 Fox-owned stations as well as such cable channels as FX, Fuel, Speed TV and 10 regional sports cablers. Fox is seeking a monthly fee of $1 per Time Warner subscriber in exchange for retransmission consent rights to 14 of its stations in markets served by Time Warner Cable. Time Warner has balked at Fox's demand and is said to have offered about 30 cents per sub. As the rhetoric from both camps heated up on Wednesday, a source close to the situation noted that with the sides so far apart on price, neither

Jeremy Renner Not Playing Hawkeye In Any Upcoming Film

Jeremy Renner Not Playing Hawkeye In Any Upcoming Film There was a rumor floating around that you’d play Hawkeye in Thor. Did that ever pan out? That was just one of those things that got blown way out of proportion. It was an idea. Those Marvel guys, I’m a big fan of them. They’re so smart about how they want to do these things — they have Captain America, and Thor coming around, Iron Man 2, and then I happen to know Zak Penn, who’s writing The Avengers. So they thought Hawkeye is an interesting role, and asked me if I knew anything about him. I said no, so they gave me their sort of spiel on what he was, and I thought that it was kind of interesting. The only reason it came out this early, because Avengers is two years away, is that they’re thinking OK, we may throw him in Thor, we may not, as a cameo. You know what I mean? So there’s truth that we talked about it, but there’s no truth to me doing it . Please Leave A Comment- Source- Movieline

The Eagle Of The Ninth First Look-Channing Tatum Starring Role

The Eagle Of The Ninth First Look-Channing Tatum Starring Role In 140 AD, a young Roman centurion attempts to uncover the truth about the disappearance of his father's legion—the Ninth—in the north of Britain twenty years previously. The centurion, Marcus Aquila (Tatum), travels with a British slave, Esca (Bell), beyond Hadrian's Wall into Caledonia, where he must confront the tribes to recover the legion's standard and restore his father's reputation. The Eagle of the Ninth is a forthcoming film adaptation of the 1954 historical adventure novel of the same name by Rosemary Sutcliffe. Directed by Kevin Macdonald from a script by Jeremy Brock, the film is set in the second century AD and tells of a young Roman officer's search to discover the truth about the disappearance of his father's legion in the north of Britain. The story is based on the legend of the Ninth Legion. The film stars Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, Donald Sutherland and Mark Strong. Filming began

Top 10 Biggest TV Business Mistakes of the Decade

Top 10 Biggest TV Business Mistakes of the Decade 10 biggest mishaps in the television industry over the past decade. 10. Fox canceling "Family Guy" (and perhaps "Firefly" too) Axed TV shows usually stay dead, yet two titles canceled by former Fox chief Sandy Grushow in 2002 refused to go quietly. One was Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy," which was moved around the schedule and was even put opposite top-rated hits "Survivor" and "Friends" before getting yanked. After the show's repeats got strong ratings on Adult Swim and netted big DVD sales, the comedy eventually made its way back to broadcast in 2005. "Family Guy" is now Fox's second-highest-rated scripted series and has produced a successful spinoff ("The Cleveland Show"). As for "Firefly," the show lived on as a theatrical movie ("Serenity") and to this day, no TV series cancellation inspires louder fanboy wails. 9. NBC hiring Ben

Michael Jackson Inducted Into The National Film Registry

Michael Jackson Inducted Into The National Film Registry The late performer's 1983 video "Thriller" is among the 25 motion pictures that have been selected this year for preservation by Librarian of Congress James H. Billington. The list of films, announced Wednesday, ranged from the 1911 silent film "Little Nemo," which mixed animation with live action, to 1995's "Scratch and Crow," an animated short film made by Helen Hill. The films named to the 2009 National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress include the 1957 sci-fi classic "The Incredible Shrinking Man," as well as the Muppets' movie debut in 1979's "The Muppet Movie." This year's selections bring the number of films in the registry to 525. Under the terms of the National Film Preservation Act, each year the Librarian of Congress names 25 films to the registry that are "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant, to be preserved

Tim Roth Is Game For A Return In 'Incredible Hulk' Sequel Or Other Marvel Movies

Tim Roth Is Game For A Return In 'Incredible Hulk' Sequel Or Other Marvel Movies While 2008's "Incredible Hulk" only performed marginally better at the box office than its 2003 counterpart, many fans praised Louis Leterrier's take on Marvel's green goliath as a significant upgrade from Ang Lee's earlier film. One of the most notable improvements, according to many critics, was the addition of award-winning actor Tim Roth as the villainous soldier Emil Blonsky opposite Edward Norton's scientist-on-the-run Bruce Banner. Even though [SPOILER ALERT] Roth's character was on the receiving end of a Hulk beatdown at the end of the film (despite becoming the mutated behemoth Abomination), the door was left wide open for a potential return. And as Hulk fans know, Blonsky is a regular presence among Hulk's rogues. While chatting with Roth recently about "Lie to Me," the Fox television series in which he plays a human lie-detector of sorts, I

Sam Worthington Or Ryan Reynolds To Play Flash Gordon In Remake

Sam Worthington Or Ryan Reynolds To Play Flash Gordon In Remake Flash Gordon is one of my all time favorite films as a kid I remember watching it on my father's beta. And then as I got older watching it on VHS. Who doesn't love this movie. Forget about it! A remake I am not so sure of but the two actors they have in mind could fill the Iconic role that Sam J. Jones made so famous. Here is some interesting news I found out. Newcomer Sam Worthington is rising up in the ranks! We hear buzz that he may be starring in a Flash Gordon remake. He currently stars in James Cameron’s Avatar, and has been named as one of the hot breakout stars of the year. Sources say Sam is up against the sexy Ryan Reynolds for the leading role in the sci-fi flick. “If he gets the role it would be quite a big deal as Flash is an all-American hero,” dished one Hollywood insider. “Right now it’s between Sam, Ryan Reynolds and one or two others for the lead role should the project actually get off the gro

Douchebags Of 2009. The Top 10 List

Douchebags Of 2009. The Top 10 List Sadly the douchebag is still alive and well in America. They creep among us in a glaringly obvious way with their poor sense of style, over-inflated sense of self-worth, and all-round bad behavior. The problem with the douchebag is they’re not self-aware. They're so caught up in themselves they don’t realize they’re 100 percent douche..unless of course, we name them and shame them. 10. Christian Bale After the success of The Dark Knight last year it seemed Christian Bale could do no wrong. That all changed early this year when an audio recording was leaked of Bale screaming and shouting at Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut on the set of Terminator Salvation. The angry tirade had a psychotic Bale hurling a mountain of abuse at Hurlbut, swearing at him, and threatening him. Once released, the recording went viral and Bale quickly became the butt of endless jokes and parodies. Bale publicly apologized , saying the outburst was “inexcusable” and

"The Boondocks" To Return In Early 2010

"The Boondocks" To Return In Early 2010 After nearly a two-year hiatus, animated series "The Boondocks" is returning for a third season. According to creator Aaron McGruder's Twitter feed , the show is currently in production and set to air in early 2010. No network has been announced, but the Sony Pictures Television-produced skein was most recently seen on Adult Swim. Based on McGruder's cartoon strip, "The Boondocks" examines an African-American family who has moved from Chicago to the suburbs outside Washington, D.C., and quickly discovers the challenges of living in a different culture. Show, which received many favorable reviews, was often criticized for its use of language and racial stereotypes. Fifteen episodes were created for each of the two seasons, with the most recent episode airing in spring 2008. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Variety

“The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” Johnny Depp and Jude Law Open Up

“The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” Johnny Depp and Jude Law Open Up Reps for the Sony Pictures Classics release “ The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus ,” the latest fantasia from Terry Gilliam, are distributing statements from co-stars Johnny Depp and Jude Law. This was the film Heath Ledger was working on when he died last year, and Gilliam asked Depp, Law and Colin Farrell to help finish the film as variations on Ledger’s character. Johnny Depp and Jude Law on Heath Ledger and Doctor Parnassus Here are the statements: JOHNNY DEPP: “Maestro Gilliam has made a sublime film. Wonderfully enchanting and beautiful, ‘The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus’ is a uniquely ingenious, captivating creation; by turns wild, thrilling and hilarious in all its crazed, dilapidated majesty. Pure Gilliam magic!!! It was an honor to represent Heath. He was the only player out there breathing heavy down the back of every established actors neck with a thundering and ungovernable talent that came up on y

Warner Bros. Tops 2009 Box Office. Thanks To A Boy Named Harry

Warner Bros. Tops 2009 Box Office. Thanks To A Boy Named Harry Harry Potter's broom was turbo-charged this year, as the schoolboy wizard's latest film adventure helped Warner Bros. fly well north of $2 billion to repeat atop the annual domestic boxoffice rankings. Warners projects a $2.99 billion domestic tally and nearly 20% market share through Dec. 31. But as certain as the picture is at the pinnacle of year-end rankings, other top positions remain cloaked in uncertainty. Headed into the final frame, Paramount sits second with $1.44 billion and a 14% share, while Sony is third with $143 billion and a similar share. But Fox, with $1.25 billion (12%), has holiday tentpoles "Avatar" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel" still going strong enough to give the it a real shot at one of the medal positions. Warners -- also ringing up lots of loot with recently released "Sherlock Homles" -- used the heftiest slate in Hollywood to nail down its re

James McAvoy To Play Ian Fleming In Upcoming Film

James McAvoy To Play Ian Fleming In Upcoming Film Palmstar Entertainment and Animus Films are developing a biopic based on the life of Ian Fleming, according to our source, The Hollywood Cog. Currently working under the title, Ian Fleming, the movie will be about the man behind James Bond, specifically focused on the years that gave him inspiration for the Bond character. Years before creating Bond, Fleming struggled and floundered under the shadow of his family name (his father was a member of Parliament, and his siblings were also well-known, as well, including Peter — a travel writer). Likable but lost, Fleming was little but an aimless playboy, until his experiences in World War 2 changed his life, and it was those autobiographical experiences during war time that inspired James Bond, who was based — in part — on Fleming. The movie itself will be based on the book, Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond, by Andrew Lycett, who has also written books on Arthur Conan Doyle, Dylan Thom

Avenged Sevenfold Drummer James Owen Sullivan Found Dead At His Home

Avenged Sevenfold Drummer James Owen Sullivan Found Dead At His Home Police say James Owen Sullivan, a drummer and backup vocalist for the Southern California band Avenged Sevenfold, has been found dead at his home in Southern California. Lt. John Domingo says the 28-year-old Sullivan, who went by the stage name The Rev, appears to have died of natural causes on Monday in Huntington Beach. The Orange County coroner's office is investigating the death. Avenged Sevenfold formed in Huntington Beach in 1999 and won Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2006. According to their MySpace page, the five-man metalcore band was working on their fifth album. The band released a statement Monday expressing their sadness and calling Sullivan "one of the world's best drummers," and "our best friend and brother." Please Leave A Comment- Source- Variety

Ghostbusters 3 To Be In Theaters In 2011

Ghostbusters 3 To Be In Theaters In 2011 Here comes the Ghostbusters question: What’s up with part three? Something’s going to happen. Dan [Aykroyd] did write a spec GB3 screenplay a few years ago, but no one was motivated to pursue it. Now, 25 years after the original, there seems to be some willingness to proceed and apparently a substantial public appetite for a sequel. We’ll introduce some new young Ghostbusters, and all the old guys will be in it, too. Think Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future ... GB3 is progressing with plans to shoot next summer and release in 2011 … Oh, and I have two one-of-a-kind Ghostbuster yarmulkes sent by fans. Related News- Ghostbusters 3 Spoiler Sigourney Weaver Spills The Slime Please Leave A Comment- Source- HeebMagazine

Sherlock Holmes Movie Review By: Windy

Sherlock Holmes Movie Review By: Windy Windy has out done herself again. Coming in with a home run review! What would we do without her? Make sure to visit her site and let her know what a great job she is doing. "Sherlock Holmes", directed by Guy Ritchie,takes place in 1891 London, just as the well-known Tower Bridge was being constructed. The film is extremely fast paced in both movement and dialogue-too fast at times. It may have been the dialect of the time, but in 2009, the words become hard to discern. Kudos to Robert Downey Jr for picking up such a strong dialect, but it needed to be slowed for the audience. Downey Jr's character is well-developed, as we hear his thoughts throughout the movie, see into his home and learn about his techniques for solving mysteries. Dr. John Watson, played by Jude Law, is also well developed as Holmes' partner who has to balance life-threatening detective work, his friendship with Holmes and his relationship with his soon-to

Iron Man 2 Black Widow What Team Is She Playing For?

Iron Man 2 Black Widow What Team Is She Playing For? We were all over the official "Iron Man 2" trailer when it hit the 'Net a few weeks ago, giving you the five most important scenes from the trailer, a shot-by-shot analysis and even some thoughts on what the "Iron Man 2" trailer reveals about the film's plot. But even after all of that coverage, there's something we missed. Right around the 1:40 mark in the trailer, there's a scene featuring Scarlett Johansson in action as Black Widow, and some keen-eyed observers around the InterWebs have discovered what could be a major plot point revealed in a few frames. Check it out for yourself: Notice anything? Well, if you're willing to brave a SPOILER ALERT , go ahead and read on for what could be an intriguing plot point revealed in this scene. If you need a hint (and I did), cast your attention to Scarlett Johansson's left arm, just below the shoulder of her Black Widow costume. Notice the patch

Twilight Tops Fan List For 2009

Twilight Tops Fan List For 2009 The "Twilight" vampire franchise topped a survey of 2009 moviegoers' favorites, but film fans were divided over whether they loved or hated this year's "Transformers" sequel. A poll on the AOL movie Web site ranked "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" both the worst of 2009 and the year's best action movie, as well as the second-most disappointing film of the year -- after "Bruno." And "Transformers" star Megan Fox was overwhelmingly voted both the year's sexiest female actress, and the actress who gave the worst performance of the 2009, according to the poll released Monday. Whatever the views of followers, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" grossed more than $834 in ticket sales worldwide to make it the third-most commercially successful movie of 2009, behind "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" and "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosa

Disney Going To Dig Deep Into Marvel's Vault

Disney Going To Dig Deep Into Marvel's Vault Moviegoers have shown a willingness to be entangled by Spider-Man's web over and over again. Now, as Disney prepares to buy the comic-book powerhouse Marvel, it faces the question of whether fans will also get attached to characters as obscure as Ant-Man and Iron Fist. The Walt Disney Co. is making a $4.2 billion bet that they will as it nears completion of its acquisition of Marvel Entertainment this week. The cash-and-stock deal brings those characters and thousands of others to an entertainment empire that already includes Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog and Hannah Montana. Disney's biggest challenge will be to get enough people enthused about second-string superheroes to justify the price -- about $1.2 billion, or 40%, more than what Marvel's stock was worth when the deal was announced Aug. 31. The high price means Disney will have to find new ways to earn revenue from Marvel -- perhaps by bringing Marvel-licensed toys to m