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TV Recap: Once Upon A Time "The Tower" By: Sue

TV Recap: Once Upon A Time "The Tower" By: Sue Charming is in a tower, and he finds a beautiful nursery, one that shouldn’t be there. It’s all wrong. Emma is an adult, but she needed some place to practice she says. She asks him to teach her to dance for the ball, and he does. She’s a natural, and its everything he always wanted, but she never got it. She should be there, but she never got to because he failed her. The nursery turns dark, and she begs him not to fail the next one as she’s sucked through the wardrobe. In terms of dreams, that one sucked. It’s a bright and sunny day, and Snow is pregnant, but in a grat mood. She tells him that she’s pregnant, as if he couldn’t tell, and he tells her he’s thrilled, but he doesn’t look it. Nine months later. They know who the enemy is now, they have to formulate a plan. Regina is worried about Henry while the others want to play Nancy Drew. Regina volunteers to protect Henry, and Emma tells her to maintain the cover stor