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Movie Review: #Vacation

Vacation makes me want to take a STAY-cation. Review by Matt Cummings It's not too often that a movie makes me wish film never existed, yet her I am ready to give the newest Vacation all the hate it deserves. And hate on it I will. Grown-up Rusty (Ed Helms) is stuck in a dull marriage to Debbie (Christina Applegate), who's been forced year after year to spend vacation with her family at a cabin in Michigan. When the overly optimistic Rusty realizes his family needs a change, he packs them up for a trip to Walley World, the site of his greatest trip as a teen. But soon, his family begins to encounter difficulties and flat-out disasters that could end their road trip and return Rusty's marriage back to square one. It might surprise our readers to know that someone from our team actually considered walking out of Vacation , and we get to see these films for free. That's how bad our experience became as we sat mesmerized by its 99 minutes of ineptit

Say Hello To The Griswold's

Esquire scored the first official image from the National Lampoon's Vacation reboot. The Powers That Be have wanted to remake 1983's Chevy Chase -led National Lampoon's Vacation since 2009, if not before. Despite a string of sex-crazed, low-rent, direct-to-DVD excuses-for-movies sullying the Lampoon film brand throughout the late '90s and 2000s, a new Vacation movie was top priority. The goal was to bring Chase's Clark Griswold back as a grandfather. Brilliant! Or, logical enough. The idea percolated. It was happening. Then it wasn't? Then it was. Ed Helms joined the rumor party in 2012, supposedly taking on the role of Clark Griswold's son Rusty. Then the idea faded. Maybe people didn't really wan—WAIT HOLD ON. Like a Christmas bonus arriving in miracle time, a Vacation-loving studio executive packed up the reboot's bags and hit the road towards your local multiplex. The movie was happening, with Chase, Helms, Beverly D'Angelo , and Ch