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TV Recap: Salem "The Rose and the Briar"

TV Recap: Salem "The Rose and the Briar" By: Sue Cotton’s and John’s plan worked, and they have their witch. Cotton is rather drunk, but he believes that with the planet Saturn’s alignment help they can force the witch to tell the truth. John is less than pleased that his house smells like dog pee, which is what Cotton covered the house in along with some herbs to help the process. The witch taunts them to come downstairs to her, that the darkness is waiting for them. They head downstairs, since Cotton needs to inject his concoction into her veins. John draws near to hold her. She thinks her taunts have brought John closer, but its part of the plan. When he puts his hands on her, she speaks in John’s mother’s voice. Rose tells him that his mother is in hell, that she’s the devil’s favorite whore. John tears himself away, taking the syringe from Cotton and plunges it into Rose. Mercy eats like a queen, stuffing her face with everything that Mary has to offer. Titu