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Night At The Museum 3 In The Works

Night At The Museum 3 In The Works. This is strange Aurora and me just got back from the video store and rented Night At The Museum 2 and she said me if they were going to make a third film, and I get this news. No surprise to anyone with the first two movies being such a hug box office success,bring in more then $1billion worldwide. Thomas Lennon(Lieutenant Jim Dangle from Reno 911), who co-wrote the first two films with Ben Garant,suggested the third script is being written. “How could you not? I think it’s a really outstanding idea to do ‘Night at the Museum 3,’ “I wonder if someone’s not even already working on a script for that,” he added with a raised eyebrow. “I cannot confirm that for a fact, but I cannot deny it for a fact either… It might be in the works.” And with a smile on his face- “Here’s a little bit, [a] real quick spoiler alert – ‘Night at the Museum 3’ is set in the Liberace Museum,” Please Leave A Comment- Source- Accesshollywood