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Is The WWE The New Talk Show Circuit?

Is The WWE The New Talk Show Circuit? Hollywood is trying something new and it's working.I like the Idea of Hollywood adding to wrestling and giving it a like spice to the shows, also adds a flare to the WWE that has been lacking in years. WWE has been lacking the superstar power with Personality that once ruled the show " The Rock , Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan " And I think that this will be bring back the Old School audience like myself that gave up on the WWE years ago. Celebrities and their handlers may have found an unusual alternative to the traditional talkshow circuit when promoting projects: a wrestling ring. For the past two months, World Wrestling Entertainment has essentially handed over its "Monday Night Raw" show on USA Network to guest hosts, who arrange matches and interact with the WWE's wrestlers while touting their new movies, TV shows, books and other fare. Jeremy Piven recently stepped into the ring to promote his laffer "The Goods: