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Constantine's Matt Ryan Set to Appear on 'Arrow'

The announcement most likely comes after strong Twitter support for Ryan's return. Story by Matt Cummings Is it possible that the Internet is once in awhile a force for good? When NBC pulled the plug last season on its rookie effort Constantine , there was an almost instant cry from fans: get him into another DC show as soon as possible. The problem was where would he land and for how long would he be around. Both questions were answered on Tuesday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, when it was announced that Actor Matt Ryan would reprise his role as John Constantine in one episode of season four of The CW's Arrow . Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim more than likely is now a fanboy fave when he said the following about Ryan's return: "We are thrilled to have Matt Ryan reprise the role of John Constantine on an upcoming episode of Arrow," said. "Matt is an incredibly talented actor and his portrayal of this beloved ch

Inside the Bucket Podcast #59

This week's episode of Inside the Bucket is online! Revel in the digital mastery! With Free Comic Book Day in our rearview mirror, the boys from Inside the Bucket return! Join Matt, Brandon, and Davdi as they deliver the best movie and television news from our website SANDWICHJOHNFILMS.COM . The guys cover nearly every aspect of entertainment, from news about a Boba Fett standalone to recent television cancellations/renewals from the upfront events. They also discuss this week's Blu-ray releases and break down another big box office weekend. Please check out these and many other stories which we've included below. The three then go on their Rants and Raves, where they bitch and complain about all the things they're watching, following, and have their panties in a bind about from the week. After a spoiler-filled discussion of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the boys take their first mailbag question and try not to screw it up (at least Matt tried - Brand

Rumors Abound About Constantine

Showrunner Says It's Not Over Yet By David Clark Gossip has abounded in recent months regarding the cult NBC show Constantine . Since the network announced early renewals that did not mention Constantine fans of the series have feared a premature end to the dry humored hero. In a bewildered attempt to placate fan fears Daniel Cerone took to Twitter and explained the show’s status. Over a series of tweets Cerone revealed NBC’s renewal press release in February was not fully inclusive of all the networks intentions moving forward. Cerone seemed surprised by the assumption the show was already canceled. “NBC made some early pickups but #Constantine not canceled” . According to Daniel, NBC has yet to even hear a pitch regarding the second season of Constantine. “We'll pitch them our plans for 2nd season in May. Then they decide,” said Cerone. Until the pitch is made it would seem premature to assume cancellation is inevitable despite ratings projection

TV Review: Constantine: "The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2"

John Constantine faces possession and prison in latest adventure Constantine “The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2" Review by Brandon Wolfe When we last left John Constantine, way back in the wilds of early December, he was left gutshot and dying in a sewer by former paramour/now nun Anne Marie as a demon advanced on him. We were left to wonder how our hero could get out of a situation this sticky, and “The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2” resolves its cliffhanger straight away. Constantine decides to fight a demon with a demon by allowing the demon Pazuzu to inhabit his body, healing his wounds and frightening away his would-be attacker. While this does indeed save Constantine’s life, his soul is a different story, for allowing a powerful demon to hang his hat in your body has predictably undesirable consequences. Namely, the new tenant is bloodthirsty and doesn’t want to leave, sending John on a killing spree that claims five lives and lands him in a Mexican prison. Th

TV Review: Constantine “The Saint of Last Resorts”

Read on to find out what John Constantine has gotten himself into THIS time Constantine - “The Saint of Last Resorts” Review by Brandon Wolfe All the ominous “Rising Darkness” chatter that has been strung throughout Constantine like so much tinsel is finally starting to amount to something more than simply a lot of talk. From the pilot onward, the show has incessantly mentioned this mysterious, impending event without ever seeming to get at anything with any specificity, making it feel more like a buzzword than something concrete. “The Saint of Last Resorts,” the first chapter in the show’s two-part midseason finale, finally starts to fill in some of the blanks on what the Rising Darkness is, and in turn, bolsters the mythology of Constantine . This is the first episode of the series that aims to break free of the procedural mode in which the show has operated thus far. The episode is also significant in its attempt to put both sidekicks in the game for once. In each epis

Constantine Episode 7 Review: "Blessed are the Damned"

Click here to find out how Constantine is doing in its one and likely only season. Constantine (Episode 7) “Blessed are the Damned” Review by Brandon Wolfe “Blessed are the Damned” is not the strongest episode Constantine has put up thus far, but it is a solid enough outing and further evidence that the show is doing more right than many of its comic-book-derived TV contemporaries. The show is congealing into a fine supernatural potboiler. Pity no one is watching and its days are numbered. Deep within rural Kentucky, a preacher at one of those snake-handling churches that seem to exist primarily in occult-based fiction is having a crisis of confidence. He lives in his late father’s shadow, but lacks the old man’s convictions, which has led to much available pew space during Sunday sermons. Defying the advice of his incongruously Hollywood-pretty sister, the man decides to handle actual poisonous snakes to prove his worth. Surprising almost certainly no one, he is bitten a

TV Review: Constantine “Rise Of Caliban”

TV Review: Constantine “Rise of Caliban” By: Brandon Wolfe The recent announcement that NBC has declined to order additional episodes of ‘ Constantine ’ beyond its initial 13-episode order, rendering the series unofficially canceled, is starting to sting a bit. ‘ Constantine ’ continues to gather steam. What felt at first like a blandly flavored supernatural time-waster is now inching its way toward becoming something worthwhile. Pity it’s a dead show airing. After an evocative opener where we are shown the aftermath of a bloodbath where the only survivor appears to be a young girl, we meet up with Constantine in bed with a young woman and being rushed out the window half-dressed when her boyfriend comes home unexpectedly. It’s a nice character building moment for our hero, illuminating the haphazard lifestyle he gravitates toward. From there, he and Chas head off to Birmingham to look into the massacre. A bit of magical forensics work tells Constantine that the little girl

TV Review: Constantine “Danse Vaudou”

TV Review: Constantine “Danse Vaudou” By: Brandon Wolfe “ Danse Vaudou ” is perhaps the best episode of ‘ Constantine ’ aired thus far. It’s the first entry where all elements come together into a largely satisfying whole. The story it tells is appropriately spooky and involving and the supporting cast finally begins to congeal a bit. It’s the first sign that the visible growing pains this show has been suffering through thus far might be starting to subside. We’re in New Orleans this week as we follow drunken cop Jim Corrigan out of a bar and into an alley to relieve himself. There he bears witness to a woman being slashed to death by another woman wearing a surgical mask over the lower half of her face. When Corrigan attempts to fire at the assailant, the bullets have no effect. Meanwhile, in an urban legend come to life, a man picks up a teenage hitchhiker out on a dark backroad not far outside of town only to have the young man vanish from the passenger seat and appear i

TV Review: Constantine "A Feast of Friends"

TV Review: Constantine "A Feast of Friends" By: Brandon Wolfe Four episodes in, the question is starting to arise of whether ‘ Constantine ’ is still struggling through its wobbly first steps or if the largely rote series that seems to be emerging is simply what we’re gonna get. The series has some solid attributes, but its weaknesses are overpowering them. One can only hope the show will strengthen with time, but one can also only extend benefit of the doubt so far. A sweaty, squirrely man named Gary Lester is passing through customs at an airport in Atlanta and his sketchy demeanor pings airport security’s suspicions, hauling him into a backroom for inspection. When an antique container is found among Gary’s possessions, Gary implores the guard not to open it, which of course necessitates that the man open it immediately. Doing so releases a swarm of mystical beetles, which forces itself down the guard’s throat. Somehow, amid all this chaos, Gary escapes from th

TV Review: Constantine "The Devil’s Vinyl”

TV Review: Constantine "The Devil’s Vinyl” By: Brandon Wolfe ‘ Constantine ’ is still plugging right along. “ The Devil’s Vinyl ” is very much a case-of-the-week outing, but it allows the series to continue to color itself in. More so than last week’s episode, this entry provides a fair amount of detail on the world that John Constantine inhabits and the players that share that world with him. While the story at its core isn’t terribly vital, that which we are provided in the service of said story certainly is. We open with Zed tracking down Constantine’s lair, using the clues afforded to her in her sketched visions. After finishing some weird blood ritual that isn’t explained to us, Constantine is headed out the door to Chicago to investigate the odd circumstances surrounded the apparent death by suicide of a music producer that John befriended in his pre-demon days when he was embarking on a singing career. Zed, whom Constantine and his associate Chas still don’t entirel

TV Review: #Constantine “The Darkness Beneath”

TV Review: Constantine “The Darkness Beneath” By: Brandon Wolfe ‘ Constantine’ is still in the process of putting itself together. Much of the legwork done in the pilot episode was all for naught as the show opted to change its course after that first outing was shot. As such, all of the material focusing on the character of Liv Aberdeen, the young woman initially being groomed to become John Constantine’s companion, was chucked out the window. This leaves Episode 2, “The Darkness Beneath,” with the task of setting Constantine up with a new partner, which it does in the form of Zed (Angelica Celaya), a young woman with some kind of psychic connection to Constantine, manifesting itself in visions that she sketches on paper. Zed meets Constantine when the latter comes to a mining town in western Pennsylvania to investigate a disturbance where a miner was immolated in his shower (Constantine’s other partner, the seemingly immortal Chas, stays behind due to an outstanding warrant f

TV Review: Constantine “Non Est Asylum”

TV Review: Constantine“Non Est Asylum” By: Brandon Wolfe John Constantine , the “exorcist, demonologist and master of the dark arts” protagonist of DC’s ‘ Hellblazer ’ comic series, has made an appearance once before in the realm of live-action, portrayed by, of all people, Keanu Reeves in a 2005 film. Constantine , in the comics, is blonde and exceedingly British. Keanu Reeves is not those things. And though that film and Reeves’ performance are stronger than their reputations would suggest, such stark changes imposed on the character right out of the gate didn’t set him up to succeed with his fanbase. NBC’s ‘ Constantine ’ is, to its credit and forgive the dumb pun, hellbent on setting the character straight. Portrayed by Matt Ryan, the character is blonde and British as all get out, he maintains his trademark rumpled, trenchcoated look and possesses the proper surly demeanor. All that’s missing, despite his constant tinkering with a Zippo, is the character’s penchant for ch

#CONSTANTINE Clips From Season Premiere

JOHN CONSTANTINE TAKES ON A RISING DARKNESS AS HE FIGHTS TO RECLAIM HIS SOUL – JEREMY DAVIES AND LUCY GRIFFITHS GUEST STAR – Based on the wildly popular comic book series “Hellblazer” from DC Comics, seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult John Constantine ( Matt Ryan ) is armed with a ferocious knowledge of the dark arts and a wickedly naughty wit. He fights the good fight — or at least he did. With his soul already damned to hell, he’s decided to abandon his campaign against evil until a series of events thrusts him back into the fray when an old friend’s daughter (guest star Lucy Griffiths) becomes the target of supernatural forces. Harold Perrineau and Charles Halford also star. See all the clips after the Jump... Please Leave A Comment-

NBC, UNIVERSAL TELEVISION Invades Comic-Con with @NBCBlacklist , @NBCHanniball , @NBCGrimm , @InsideBates & Triumph the Insult Comic Dog & More

NBC, UNIVERSAL TELEVISION READY TO INVADE COMIC-CON WITH PANELS. “Constantine,” “The Blacklist,” “Hannibal,” “Grimm,” “Bates Motel” and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to Share Secrets With Fans NBC and Universal Television have announced their plans for the upcoming Comic-Con International gathering in San Diego, which runs from July 24-27. The network will present panels for returning series “ The Blacklist ” and “ Hannibal ” while Universal Television will host panels for NBC’s “ Grimm ,” its A&E series “ Bates Motel ” as well as a new untitled series coming to Adult Swim that stars Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and “30 Rock” alumnus Jack McBrayer . Also, Warner Bros. Television will present multiple screenings and a panel for new NBC Friday night series “ Constantine .” CONSTANTINE Based upon the characters from DC Comics, “Constantine” reflects the lore of the fan-favorite comic, combining noirish storytelling with the evolving mythology of John Constantine (Matt Ryan),


WARNER BROS. TELEVISION GROUP AMPS UP THE ACTION AT COMIC-CON® 2014 WITH SUPER HEROES, SUPER-VILLAINS, SCIENTISTS, VAMPIRES, VIGILANTES AND A MASSIVE SATURDAY NIGHT EVENT WITH DC ENTERTAINMENT. Studio Brings 15 Series to Comic-Con from Top Producers Including Greg Berlanti, Bruno Heller, Greg Plageman, Julie Plec, Rob Thomas & Diane Ruggiero-Wright, Kevin Williamson and Many More In Addition to a First Ever Saturday Night WBTV/DC Entertainment Event, Fans Won’t Want to Miss Panels and Signings with the Stars and Producers of Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Childrens Hospital, Constantine, The Flash, The Following, Gotham, The 100, iZOMBIE, Mike Tyson Mysteries, The Originals, Person of Interest, Supernatural, Teen Titans Go! and The Vampire Diaries See the line-up & times after the Jump... Twitter Pitch: Super heroes+Super-Villains: prepare for a massive @Comic_Con 2014! Get @warnerbrostv lineup details here: #WBSDCC It wouldn’t be summer without