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Reboot Ghost Rider! No Sequels! By: Jonathan Cyfer

Reboot Ghost Rider! No Sequels! By:  Jonathan Cyfer Make sure you Follow Jonathan Cyfer on twitter and read his blog The Missing Man . Nicholas Cage has made some terrific films and, at least at one point in his career, he was an engaging actor who brought a lot of edgy power to his roles. Ghost Rider (2007) was not one of his better roles or even an engaging film. I can't really lay the whole thing at Cage's feet. The film was badly conceived, badly written, badly directed, badly...well, you get the idea. I didn't like it. And I really wanted to like it. I have kind of a thing for 1970s fiction. Too bad this film missed the mark. I'm not a fan of "Satanic" comic books. It takes a very fine writer to blend the supernatural and superhero genres and most of the time, it doesn't play well. It also is a story that may be too rooted in its context. The original comic book character Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze first appeared in 1972, about the same