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Movie Review: 'I Am Evel Knievel'

The Virgil Films/Spike bio sheds new light on the fast times of America's first daredevil. Review by Matt Cummings As a kid, I can remember the exploits of stuntman Evel Knievel featured regularly on ABC's Wide World of Sports . I owned several of his toys, imagining I was there with him as he made jump after spectacular jump. But like many of his fans, I never knew the man behind the hero's mystique. The Virgil Films/Spike TV bio I Am Evel Knievel sheds a fairly comprehensive light on this self-made superstar, shameless promoter, and wild man, documenting his incredible rise, spectacular fall, and attempts to find peace near the end of his life. Told from those who knew him best - his stunt coordinators, wives, and close friends - we learn about his rough-and-tumble youth in Butte, Montana and how this paved the way for a life that eventually led him to attempt 75 bone-crushing jumps, becoming a worldwide phenomenon that he built from nothing. Watching th

#IAMEVELKNIEVEL Comes To Blu-ray On June 30th

I AM EVEL KNIEVEL , coming to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Platforms on June 30 from Virgil Films. A NO-HOLDS-BARRED LOOK AT THE LEGENDARY FIGURE WHO GAVE BIRTH TO THE CULTURE AND THE MEANING OF THE WORD "EXTREME" A Star Studded Cast Pays Tribute to the World's Original Daredevil and Fearless Entertainer in a Feature Documentary Coming this June to Digital Platforms, Blu-Ray, and DVD From Virgil Films "All my life people have been waiting around to watch me die." - Evel Knievel Evel Knievel is a name you can't forget. And the new film I AM EVEL KNIEVEL, coming to Digital platforms, Blu-Ray and DVD on June 30, 2015, from Virgil Films, reveals the story behind the man you can't forget. Evel Knievel's rise to superstardom was built on nerves of steel and the ability to get up and do it again no matter the severity of the fall. He lived life like every day was his last, which led to a tumultuous life filled with stunts no man would ever dream o