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2 Broke Girls S04E15 Recap: And The Fat Cat

The girls get catty when their pet Nancy goes missing but finds them a potential business lead. Story by @ErikaAshley This week we find the Caroline at the diner covering for Max, whom shows up late to work when she tries to locate their missing cat, Nancy. Max is upset that Nancy has been missing for several days and fears this might just be the time she never makes it back to their dingy little apartment. Caroline reassures her that Nancy will be home in no time or that someone will call the number on her collar to report her found. Shortly after arriving back at the dinner Max gets a call on her cell from an anonymous caller. Alas Nancy has been found! The girls make it back to their place to meet the hero that located Max’s precious kitty. Caroline gives Max flack about being so worried about the missing cat but hardly flinching at their $10k loan debt and over 1,000 cupcake shirts that they can’t unload. Max assures her that she wakes up at night screaming because of th