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DVD Tuesday For 2/16/2011

It's Another Tuesday, so kids you know what that means. DVD Tuesday . We got all the information on the DVD's that were released today. Let's hope this information help's you to decide what movie to Rent or Buy. This week is a very slow week for DVD releases. To check out past DVD releases click Here . Unstoppable In this action thriller from director Tony Scott, rookie train operator Will ( Chris Pine ) and grizzled veteran engineer Frank ( Denzel Washington ) learn that a runaway locomotive carrying carloads of dangerous chemicals is headed for Will's small Pennsylvania hometown, where his wife and young daughter live. In order to save the day, they must figure out how to catch up to the rogue engine, and stop it before harm comes to the town. Standing in their way is Galvin ( Kevin Dunn ), the head of the company who is more interested in saving the stock price than lives. On the plus side, the duo have competent corporate employee Connie ( Rosario Dawson