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De Niro And Scorsese Teaming Up Again

De Niro And Scorsese Teaming Up Again The 67-year-old movie maker was at the Berlin film festival for the premiere Saturday of his latest picture "Shutter Island," his fourth collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio. "Bob De Niro (and I) are talking about something that has to do with that world," Scorsese told reporters after a press screening of Shutter Island, where the audience reaction was decidedly muted. "There's no doubt about that. We're working on something like that, but it's from the vantage point of older men looking back, none of this running around stuff." Rumors that Scorsese may be reviving one of film's most successful collaborations have been rife for years, as fans look back with nostalgia to classics such as "Raging Bull," "Taxi Driver" and "Cape Fear." The Hollywood heavyweights last worked together on "Casino" in 1995. Please Leave A Comment- Source- reuters