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4 Things "50 Shades" Sequel Must Be Brave Enough To Do

Here's what 50 Shades Darker can't be afraid to do as it searches for a new creative team. Story by Matt Cummings The creative tug-of-war that was 50 Shades of Grey didn't exactly pan out the way some fans of the book had hoped. While it has made over $500 million worldwide, American audiences abandoned it in droves in its second week, evidence that Director Sam Taylor-Johnson's departure this week from the sequel might have been a good move. Still, its success - at only $40 million to make - has proven that mainstream audiences might be ready for something more kinky in their movies. Unfortunately, its first plate appearance never approached the heat of the book by Author EL James. Key scenes were removed or watered-down, and the chemistry between Actors Dakota Fanning and Jamie Dornan wasn't exactly Michael Douglas/Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct . Now as Universal begins its hunt for a new creative team, SJF has put together the following suggest