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May 2015 Movies On Our Radar

A staggering amount of great films arrive in our May Movie Preview. Story by Matt Cummings & Brandon Wolfe May is the month when the box office awakens from its 4-month sleep, rubs its eyes and stretches its wings to give us a taste of the rest of the year. And while the year has given us some terrific surprises ( Kingsman: The Secret Service and Paddington ) and some poignant moments, ( Furious 7 ), 2015 has honestly been a dud, filled with many high-profile duds ( Chappie , Jupiter Ascending , Seventh Son , 50 Shades of Grey ). But now it's onto May and the beginning of the summer season, a time when Hollywood begins to lay down its big cards hoping for long lines and plenty of popcorn sales. In the past three years, we've seen Iron Man 3 , X-Men: Days of Future Past , Godzilla , and a little 2012 film called The Avengers . This year is no different, as May brings us a staggering amount of quality releases that are worth mentioning. Several appeared in our MOST