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Frank Miller's "Ronin" Graphic Novel Heats Up

Frank Miller's "Ronin" Graphic Novel Heats Up First thing that came to your mind was the film that started Robert De Niro with the same title. But you are way off board on this one. No sequel here. Sylvian White the man who is behind the upcoming film "Losers" gives us some insight to the adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel Ronin to be produced by Warner Bros. and the producers behind 300. "Ronin" was Miller's earliest work published by DC Comics in 1983, and follows a reincarnated Ronin (a.k.a. a samurai without a master) through a futuristic dystopian New York City that is suffering, unnervingly, from an unspecified catastrophic economic collapse. The Ronin’s quest is to destroy the demon who imprisoned his soul for about 800 years. spoke with White, "Yeah absolutely," he responded. "That's something I had to let go of for a period of time while I was directing 'The Losers' bu