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Eastbound & Down Season 2 Trailer

Eastbound And Down Season 2 Trailer Here's the official season two trailer for HBO's " Eastbound & Down ." Season one struggled to break through in the ratings while gathering a pretty rabid online fanbase. This upcoming season will be seven episodes long. Actor Steve Little and Deep Roy , who has joined the cast as one of Kenny's new sidekicks named Aaron. Shaun Bavington is to play Shaun Withnail, though the characters role has not been announced. The Mexican baseball team owned by Pena's character Sebastian Cisneros is said to be called The Charros and coached by a man named Roger played by actor Marco Rodriguez . Co-director Jody Hill has reportedly described the season as "a cross between the films Amores Perros and Bad News Bears" and says it will mirror the look and feel of a feature film. Hill is said to be directing four episodes in season two, meanwhile David Gordon Green is directing three. Watch the trailer after the Jump..