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Rebecca Miller To Direct Greta Gerwig In Maggie’s Plan

Rebecca Miller will direct Greta Gerwig (Golden Globe Best Actress nominee for “Frances Ha”) in a new feature film, “Maggie’s Plan,” a romantic comedy of manners written by Miller and based on a story by Karen Rinaldi. Rachael Horovitz (“Moneyball”, Grey Gardens) will produce alongside Miller's producing partner, Damon Cardasis, through Miller's production company, Round Films, and Horovitz's Specialty Films. The producers of “Maggie’s Plan” expect to complete casting this month with plans to shoot this fall. ‎An award-winning filmmaker, writer/director, Rebecca Miller’s feature film credits include: “ Personal Velocity: Three Portraits ” starring Kyra Sedgwick, Parker Posey and Fairuza Balk ; “ The Ballad of Jack and Rose ” starring Camilla Belle and Daniel Day-Lewis ; and “ The Private Lives of Pippa Lee ,” based on Miller’s novel and starring Robin Wright, Alan Arkin and Maria Bello . Miller’s critically-acclaimed second novel, Jacob’s Folly, debuted last year; t

Dominic Purcell Paradise Lost

Dominic Purcell has been cast in Warner Bros.' Paradise Lost . Alex Proyas is directing the action fantasy film, which stars Bradley Cooper, Casey Affleck, Djimon Hounsou, Ben Walker, Camilla Belle and Callan McAuliffe . Legendary Pictures is producing the action-oriented take on John Milton's epic poem about the war between angels in heaven. Purcell has been cast as Jerahmeel, an angel who falls in with Lucifer and ultimately becomes the Dark One's right-hand man as the renamed Moloch. Purcell most recently appeared in Straw Dogs and Killer Elite. The actor has just wrapped filming on Vikingdom and has Bad Karma and Officer Down forthcoming. He was also one of the stars of the Fox series Prison Break. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Heatvision

FATHER OF INVENTION Starring Kevin Spacey & Camilla Belle

FATHER OF INVENTION , starring Kevin Spacey, opens in theaters next Friday, October 14, 2011!!! The film stars Kevin Spacey, Heather Graham, Camilla Belle, Johnny Knoxville, Craig Robinson and Virginia Madsen . And is directed by Trent Cooper . Millionaire infomercial guru, Robert Axle ( Kevin Spacey ) loses everything when one of his inventions has a design flaw that accidentally chops off the fingers of thousands of customers. After serving eight years in prison, a disgraced Axle is released, and ready to redeem his name and rebuild his empire with a new innovation. However, Axle’s ex-wife ( Virginia Madsen ) has spent all of his money and moved into his house with her new husband ( Craig Robinson ). Out of desperation, he finds a part-time job as a janitor, and is forced to move in with his estranged daughter ( Camilla Belle ) and her over-protective roommates. Despite these setbacks he is determined to pitch his newest gadget and rebuild his infomercial empire. But the wor

Camilla Belle Set To Star In Paradise Lost

Camilla Belle is Legendary Entertainment and Alex Proyas’ choice for the lead role of Eve in Paradise Lost . She would join Bradley Cooper as Lucifer and Benjamin Walker , who plays the archangel Michael in the action epic battle between good and evil that is inspired by the John Milton poem. Belle starred in 10,000 B.C. and before that played Daniel Day-Lewis’ daughter in The Ballad of Jack and Rose. Let’s see if her deal works, but this is a role a lot of young actresses wanted. She sparks the war that began all wars for the future of mankind. Warner Bros is distributing and eyeing a fourth quarter 2013 release. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Deadline

DVD Tuesday For May 3,2011

It's Another Tuesday, so kids you know what that means. DVD Tuesday . We got all the information on the DVD's that were released today. Let's hope this information help's you to decide what movie to Rent or Buy. The Green Hornet The hard-partying son of L.A.'s most powerful media magnate realizes his true calling as a crime-fighting vigilante after his father perishes under suspicious circumstances in this big-screen adaptation of the popular radio serial, comic book, film, and television series originated by Lone Ranger creators Fran Striker and George W. Trendle. James Reid ( Tom Wilkinson ) single-handedly built a media empire, but unfortunately his industrious genes weren't passed down to his son, Britt ( Seth Rogen ). Irresponsible, slovenly, and frequently inebriated, Britt is shaken out of his drunken stupor upon receiving word that his father has died. Shortly after Britt learns that he has inherited the family business, he forges an unlikely allia

Camilla Belle Will Get Freaky Deaky

Movement is beginning again on the long-in-development adaptation of Elmore Leonard‘s “ Freaky Deaky ” with a new actress boarding the project. The Playlist has learned that Camilla Belle (”10,000 B.C.,” “From Prada to Nada”) is attached to star in the film, with reps for the actress confirming her involvement. Based on Leonard’s 1988 novel, the Detroit-based narrative features a twisty plot involving a bomb-making ex-couple with radical politics who reunite for a score worth millions, while a cop with bomb squad experience tries to take them down. And while the crime-and-police milieu is familiar ground for Leonard, the bomb-making plot adds a twist to the author’s usual terrain. The project first started picking up steam during TIFF last year when William H. Macy signed to the film, and we presume he’s still involved (reps didn’t return inquiries at press time). A number of names are said to be circling the project at the moment, but two rumored actors— Sam Rockwell and Hayd

Camilla Belle To Join "Zebras"

Camilla Belle To Join "Zebras" Camilla Belle (10,000 BC, Push, Maybe most famous for dating Joe Jonas ) is in negotiations to star opposite Aussie thesp Ryan Kwanten ( "True Blood" ) in pic " Zebras ," which is in pre-production. Story, penned by David Williamson ("Gallipoli"), is based on the true-life tale of a music producer who discovers talented young soccer players in the ghettos of Soweto, South Africa, and forms them into a successful team dubbed the Zebras, because it brings together black and white players. Arclight Films is handling worldwide sales on the pic and has been shopping it to buyers at AFM having already secured deals for Greece/Cyprus (Filmopolis), Israel (Forum), Turkey (Aqua Pinema), South Korea (Hwa Chun Trading), Middle East (Italia Film) and South Africa (Nu Metro). Pic is directed by " Driving Miss Daisy " helmer Bruce Beresford and is produced by Michael Donovan, Jim McElroy, Marta McElroy and Ma