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Oscars 2015: Will American Sniper Steal the Show?

Does this weekend's mammoth opening tip the Oscar scales in its direction? Story by Matt Cummings Although the Clint Eastwood war drama American Sniper was poised to make a splash at this year's Oscars, there was no guarantee that it would become a sure-fire financial success. Films like The Imitation Game ($51m) and The Theory of Everything ($27m) featured excellent performances from Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne respectively, but neither has brought in the big bucks, a common feature for most Oscar nominees. But that all changed over the four-day weekend for Sniper , when it took home a stunning $89m in only its first weekend. Add in the Monday numbers and it surpassed $107m - the largest opening ever for a January film in wide release. Who could have saw that coming? Some have claimed its success was willing was based on what few films today will do: show less of itself in the trailers. Look at any film today, and you'll see most of it play