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Rumors Abound About Constantine

Showrunner Says It's Not Over Yet By David Clark Gossip has abounded in recent months regarding the cult NBC show Constantine . Since the network announced early renewals that did not mention Constantine fans of the series have feared a premature end to the dry humored hero. In a bewildered attempt to placate fan fears Daniel Cerone took to Twitter and explained the show’s status. Over a series of tweets Cerone revealed NBC’s renewal press release in February was not fully inclusive of all the networks intentions moving forward. Cerone seemed surprised by the assumption the show was already canceled. “NBC made some early pickups but #Constantine not canceled” . According to Daniel, NBC has yet to even hear a pitch regarding the second season of Constantine. “We'll pitch them our plans for 2nd season in May. Then they decide,” said Cerone. Until the pitch is made it would seem premature to assume cancellation is inevitable despite ratings projection