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Top 5 Stoner Movies Of All-Time

Top 5 Stoner Movies Of All-Time Since the beginning of its popularity in the United States, marijuana has influenced generations, cultures, as well as blockbuster Hollywood films. Marijuana is so popular, it has been said that more than 18 million people used it in 2009, and that's just the out-of-the-closet potheads. What if you added the behind-the-scenes, no-one knows, users? That number would probably triple. If it wasn't so, Hollywood wouldn't make movies about it, and we wouldn't have these hilariously funny movies to watch. It's time to countdown the Top 5 Stoner Films of All-Time, so sit back and relax, because it's time to get BAKED! (Note: When I say Stoner films, I mean Stoner films. These are all films that are either dedicated to or are influenced by marijuana.) 5. Pineapple Express - Written and directed by team Apatow (the guys who brought us Superbad, The 40-year-old Virgin, and Knocked up), this 2008 film is based on the lives of a pot smoki

Cheech and Chong Does Tron. LOL

Thanks again to Stroker Joe for this one. With Tron 2 being at Comic Con this year. There is alot of attention to this movie again and everyone is coming aboard. If ur smoking weed or Tripping on something this might be the thing for you. Cheech & Chong Cinemash Tron Writer and Director: Kashy Khaledi The high-flying comedy duo get into a heated debate about the price of cannabis and decide to "Tron for it," launching themselves into the virtual world of the science fiction classic. Tommy Chong says "I don't think you should watch anything like that straight. It'll have lasting, traumatic effects on you." Cheech adds, "When I first saw it, I was shocked because I thought we were doing soft porn. And then, 'Oh, it's about finances; that's kind of hard-core porn,'." If your going to Comic Con Don't Forget the Disney Tron Panel this year 11:00-12:30 Disney: 3D Panel— Walt Disney Pictures presents key filmmakers, select cast me