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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : JOSTON THENEY - AXEMAN By: John Meneghetti Some of horror's most prominent Scream Queens come together for the razor-sharp fright flick Axeman , available across the US & Canada on DVD and VOD starting May 6th, 2014. Tiffany Shepis, Brinke Stevens, Elissa Dowling and Jamie Bernadette join former NBA star Scot Pollard in Joston Theney's blood-stained love letter to classic slasher movies. We caught up with Theney to find out how many axes were harmed during the making of the movie. Why an Axe? Why did you choose for your central bad guy to wield an axe? Home Depot and Lowes were all out of plungers so I grabbed the next best thing. Actually the next best thing was a circa-1932, rusted out bra-clasp from an industrial-strength 42FFF-sized brassiere. Then we settled for the axe. It was a compromise that actually worked out very well. But can you imagine if we’d gotten our way? “Plunger-Man from Plumber’s Crack” would’ve had an a