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Blue Bloods S05E19 Recap: Through The Looking Glass

Blue Bloods: Time To Let It Go? Story by David Clark Blue Bloods season five has been a series of one-and-done episodes. With the season finale looming only a short four weeks away, it might be time to throw in the towel for any chance of a season building story arch. That said, season five has not been all bad. This season has seen hostage situations in a police precinct, wild gunfights, dangerous stakeouts, and high speed chases. It has definitely been enough to keep fans of the series coming back. The season opened with over 10 million viewers. Mid-season the show peaked at a little over 12 million and the most recent episode dipped back down into the 10 million viewer range. The dip in ratings might be more from the shows recent sporadic breaks than from a lack of interest. Whether the show will receive a sixth season remains to be seen but regardless, fans of the series should tune-in for the last couple episodes of season five. This week Blue Bloods focused o

Blue Bloods S05E18 Recap: Bad Company

Why Is Sorry Not Enough This Week? Story by David Clark This week on Blue Bloods guest star Amelia Rose Blaire, best known for her time on True Blood , should win an award from the show producers for best moment of the season. When Frank Reagan was a younger cop he was lead detective on a case in which a family was brutally murdered. The only survivor of the murders was a young girl. When the murderer was finally found Frank put a bullet in him but did not kill him. Fast forward to present day and the young orphaned girl is now a fully grown woman named Sarah Grant. Sentenced to life in prison the man who murdered Sarah’s family contacts her by letter a few short days before Sarah is supposed to be married. Having viewed Frank as a father figure growing up because he saved her life, Sarah turns to him when the killer asks to meet. Interestingly the process depicted on this episode whereby an imprisoned offender can request to meet with a victim is a real thing in