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Marvel Superhero Will Appear In The Deadpool Movie?

Which Other Marvel Superhero Will  Appear In The Deadpool Movie? Here’s the dish from New York Comic-Con on which Marvel universe characters you can expect to see in the promised Deadpool movie. I can tell you that there’s definitely one guest star lined up that really took me by surprise. So if you don't want to find out who might be appearring then turn away now ! Of course, some of the characters are very closely associated with Deadpool anyway. There’s Blind Al , Deadpool’s sort-of-roommate, and Patch , the barman-come-mercenary dispatcher who gives Deadpool his jobs. I’m sure you were already expecting those. Then there’s several Weapon-X characters, including (but not limited to) Wyre, Ajax, Sluggo and Garrison Kane . Wade Wilson’s love affair with Vanessa Carlysle is apparently a key part of the story, though I’ve been promised that she’s never seen in her Copycat guise and there’s no indication she’s a mutant at all. But this won’t be a mutant-shy production…