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#AlienNation To Be Rebooted

THR is reporting Alien Nation , the late 1980s sci-fi movie produced by Gale Anne Hurd, is getting the remake treatment by Twentieth Century Fox. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, best known for their work on the first Iron Man movie, are writing the script for the project which at this stage has no producer on board. The original was set in a near future where humans and a race of aliens are forced to co-exist, tenuously, as humans keep the newcomers mostly segregated and without rights. The story then told of the first alien police officer who is paired with a racially insensitive partner. Soon, however, a case comes along that brings the two together in friendship and respect. Mandy Patinkin played the alien officer while James Caan was the reluctant partner. Fox released the original in 1988. It was successful enough that it led to a TV spinoff. The show lasted only one season but did lead to several TV movies. There were also Alien Nation novels and comic books. P