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Leonardo DiCaprio To Voice Jack Frost

Leonardo DiCaprio To Voice Jack Frost Leonardo DiCaprio is getting animated for the first time in his career. He'll make his toon debut in DreamWorks Animation's "The Guardians," voicing a twist on the Jack Frost character. Just as DWA's "Shrek" offered a revisionist view of the fairy-tale universe, "The Guardians" reimagines five popular childhood heroes -- Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and Jack Frost -- as members of an elite superhero squad who join forces to fight an evil spirit named Pitch (which suggests there are at least five more juicy voice parts yet to be filled). The high-concept variation hails a forthcoming series of books by William Joyce to be called "The Guardians of Childhood." Produced by Christina Steinberg and Nancy Bernstein, toon is targeted for release on Nov. 2, 2012, and marks the feature debut of director Peter Ramsey, who helmed the DWA Halloween special "Monsters vs. Aliens: Mu

Brooklyn's Finest Movie Trailer

Brooklyn's Finest Movie Trailer. What A Cast Brooklyn's Finest is an American crime film starring Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke and Don Cheadle. It is directed by Antoine Fuqua, and written by Michael C. Martin, a one-time subway flagger from East New York. Three unconnected Brooklyn cops wind up at the same deadly location after enduring vastly different career paths. The cast for this movie is a who's who in Hollywood. Richard Gere,Ethan Hawke, Don Cheadle, Vincent D'Onofrio,Jesse Williams,Ellen Barkin And The Man Wesley Snipes, finally in an another major motion picture, and it's not straight to DVD. This is going to be a hot movie when the film comes out. Again what a cast. Look for the Movie to come out March 5,2010 Please Leave A Comment-

Red Mist From Kick-Ass In A New Poster

Red Mist From Kick-Ass In A New Poster Our good chums over at AICN have bagged a looksee at the magnificent teaser poster for one of the major characters from Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass, Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s Red Mist, and we readily recommend you start drooling now. Frankly, we love everything about this: the ballsy tagline (“I can’t read your mind, but I can kick your ass”), the graffiti on the road, the stonking Mistmobile, a car so sexy it would turn Jeremy Clarkson’s pants to smoke, and then Mintz-Plasse himself as Red Mist, a character who teams up with Aaron Johnson’s Kick-Ass for… reasons best left unspoiled for now. The only thing we might have slight pause with is that the badass photography and Red Mist’s heroic stance means that we don’t get a sense that Red Mist is, in essence, just playing at being a hero and couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag. But all in good time… Having said that, virtually everything we’ve seen from Vaughn’s superhero actioner has made

"Moneyball" Has Found It's Man Bennett Miller and Brad Pitt on Board

"Moneyball" Has Found It's Man Bennett Miller and Brad Pitt on Board Columbia Pictures is handing the ball to helmer Bennett Miller for its pic "Moneyball." The "Capote" director is in negotiations to take the helm of the Brad Pitt starrer. Real-life story is based on Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane, who defied conventional wisdom and even his own scouts by fielding a baseball team of castoffs to create the ultimate underdogs en route to one of the most unlikely winning streaks in the history of professional sports. Steve Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin penned the script, which is based on Michael Lewis' best-selling tome. Stan Chervin wrote an earlier draft. Steven Soderbergh had been attached to direct the pic, which is considered a tricky sell overseas given baseball's limited appeal outside of the U.S. Columbia has been working to get the project back on track after studio topper Amy Pascal pulled the plug on the film just days befor

Terminator Franchise's Judgment Day Coming Soon

Terminator Franchise's Judgment Day Coming Soon When last we left the tug of war over the future of The Terminator franchise, it was out for bid, and at least one potential buyer was Joss Whedon (prepared to ante all of $10,000). Today Halcyon Holding Group, which announced it was contemplating a sale of its rights to Terminator after filing for Chapter 11 protection last August as a result of a dispute with a lender, released the following statement: “When Halcyon announced the bidding process for the Terminator franchise last month, we indicated that in addition to an outright sale of the property, we would also consider other strategic options, including a recapitalization ofthe company. Over the past few weeks Halcyon and its professionals have engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations with numerous serious potential buyers, including several major movie studios. In addition, a number of attractive refinancing alternatives have also been presented. In order to maximize

Chris Pine Confirmed To Star As Jack Ryan

Chris Pine Confirmed To Star As Jack Ryan Producer Mace Neufeld spoke this morning at the Invictus press conference where he also updated the status of the next Jack Ryan film, set to star Chris Pine. Neufeld confirmed that the new as-of-yet-untitled project will not be based on a Tom Clancy novel but will, instead, be an original screenplay. The character of Jack Ryan has previously appeared in the Clancy adaptations The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger and The Sum of All Fears, the latter of which represented a previous attempt to reboot the franchise with a younger actor in the lead. Neufeld says that, while the plan is still to skew young with the casting of Pine, the story will not be an "origin story." "We pick him up when he's on Wall Street," says Neufeld, "...[but] the Jack Ryan movies have never been action films. They're kind of 'thinking man's thrillers.' Jack is referred to as a 'water-walker'

"Entourage" Heading To The Big Screen

"Entourage" Heading To The Big Screen Two more seasons of HBO's "Entourage" and then a movie? That seems to be the plan, according to the show's executive producer Mark Wahlberg. Asked about the future of the comedy series, which recently was picked up for a seventh cycle coming off one of its strongest seasons, Wahlberg indicated that he believes there are two more seasons left in the show. "We'll see; there could be more," he said at the premiere of his latest film, "The Lovely Bones." "But then, a movie." HBO seems on board with the idea. "It is not out of the realm of possibility," an HBO spokeswoman said about the prospect of an "Entourage" movie. "Right now, the creators are concentrating on the new season." In following a successful series run with a movie, the Doug Ellin-created "Entourage" would mirror another long-running HBO comedy, "Sex and the City." Please Lea

Taylor Lautner To Star as "Max Steel"

Taylor Lautner To Star as "Max Steel" As Taylor Lautner's Hollywood profile surges, his handlers are looking for a project for the teen wolf to sink his teeth into next. One strong possibility: “ Max Steel ,” a Paramount movie about a teenage superhero. The actor's representatives at WME and Management 360 are brainstorming about the next move for the 17-year-old Michigan native who plays Jacob in the "Twilight" franchise. Lautner emerged as the big winner after the blockbuster success of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" but, at the moment, his only other big-screen appearance on deck is a character role in Garry Marshall’s ensemble romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day.” That movie has wrapped, so Lautner has a relatively open calendar. Paramount, meanwhile, is eager to develop more toy properties along the lines of its “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” franchises. Like those films, “Steel” traces back to the toy shelf -- the Mattel line that hit stores in 20

Johnny Depp To Star As Pancho Villa

Johnny Depp To Star As Pancho Villa Serbian helmer Emir Kusturica is in advanced negotiations for Johnny Depp to star as Mexican revolutionary hero Pancho Villa in his upcoming biopic titled "Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman With Six Fingers." Kusturica said the script, written with regular collaborator Gordan Mihic ("Time of the Gypsies," "Black Cat, White Cat"), is completed, although lensing is not set to start until 2011 due to Depp's prior commitments. The Spanish-language biopic will be shot partly in Mexico. Salma Hayek is in advanced talks to co-star in the pic. Depp and Kusturica collaborated previously on "Arizona Dream" in 1993. Script is based on biographical novel "The Friends of Pancho Villa," in which author James Carlos Blake recounts how Villa and his compadres had a great time fighting and robbing the rich, but also dancing, partying and making love. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Variety

Tron:Legacy Jeff Bridges Talks About The Film

Tron:Legacy Jeff Bridges Talks About The Film Jeff Bridges likened playing Kevin Flynn in the original 1982 Tron to being a kid again, playing pretend, so it's appropriate that he literally becomes a kid again in the upcoming 3-D sequel film, Tron Legacy, in which he plays dual roles. Though the movie's storyline is closely held, we know that Bridges will play an older version of his original character, Kevin Flynn, as well as a second character whose appearance is that of Bridges 27 years ago. The film will use of the same computer technology employed to age and de-age Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button . "It was challenging, in that I got a little taste of this new technology of acting what they call 'in the volume' and making movies without cameras," Bridges said in a group interview Wednesday in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting the drama Crazy Heart . "It's a completely different deal. That was kind of a challenge. It

Chronicle of Riddick Film Moving Forward

Chronicle of Riddick Film Moving Forward It's only a nugget, but it feels pretty solid. Vin Diesel, gravelly voiced cheerleader for multiple ailing movie franchises, has announced on his Facebook page that at least some sort of pre-production is underway on a third Chronicle of Riddick. "The Riddick team is in New Zealand location scouting already... that's exciting." is the full status update. But it's significant in that it's the first we've heard of something solid actually happening on the project. The last we knew, back at the beginning of August, came from Pitch Black and Chronicles director David Twohy. He said some ideas were being thrown around, and that the expense and studio concessions of Chronicles were a mistake, leading part three back to much smaller-scale territory. But he also suggested that a smaller budget might be a problem for Diesel, who apparently doesn't get out of bed for less than his usual fee. Has Vin relented for his favou

George Lucas- Talks Star Wars And Red Tails

Exclusive George Lucas- Talks Star Wars And Red Tails By:John Meneghetti I had the pleasure of attending the 4th annual California Hall of Fame, on December 1st, in my hometown of Sacramento, CA This year the California Museum was honoring 13 legendary Californians who have displayed a spirit of innovation and inspiration to the world. The person that I wanted to talk to the most was "The Maker" George Lucas. I had the opportunity to visit ILM and Lucas Ranch in April of this year and this would be the icing on the cake. To have the opportunity meet and interview "The Great One " George Lucas. I knew I didn't have alot of time to ask many questions, as always in Hollywood the main stars show up late and fly by little bloggers like me. But I would not let this chance pass me by!! I wished I could have asked more interesting questions. What do u ask when u have 1 minute with the maker? First, I introduced myself to Mr. Lucas when he came by and then I

"Green Lantern" Offered To Quentin Tarantino First

"Green Lantern"Offered To Quentin Tarantino First Quentin Tarantino recently revealed to MTV News that he had the opportunity to direct "Green Lantern." "I was offered the 'Green Lantern,' " Tarantino told MTV News. "Not since it's been a script, but just like, 'Hey we own the 'Green Lantern.' Would you like it?'" Tarantino declined the opportunity and "Lantern" joined the list of other franchises, like "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," that he was offered but never ended up taking on. "Green Lantern," of course, is now being helmed by Martin Campbell ("Casino Royale") and will star Ryan Reynolds. "It wouldn't be an existing comic book character," he said. "I'm a writer. I'd want to use my imagination and not have to fight with geeks' memories of how this character should be and, 'Oh, I cast an actor as opposed to a bodybuilder' or it's not as

Iron Man 2 International Poster

Iron Man 2 International Poster The Iron Man 2 marketing machine is in effect. Earlier this we I brought you the First Official poster of Iron Man 2 featuring War Machine. Today I have a new international teaser poster for Iron Man 2. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in his Iron Man suit Looking bad ass. Iron Man 2 is set to come out on May 7th 2010. Related News- Iron Man 2 Poster featuring War Machine Please Leave A Comment- Source- Empire

Will "Blood Oath" Be The Male Version of Twilight?

Will "Blood Oath" be the male version of Twilight? From what I have heard about " Blood Oath " it is going to be nothing less than a hit. You know for sure Hollywood will be calling. Christopher Farnsworth is that your phone ringing? With the success Of the Twilight franchise and True Blood, just to name a few, anything with Vampires in it is the new flavor of the week. But only a great story and writer can make it a success. I am hoping that Mr. Farnsworth will indeed succeed. If this book does get turned into a film it will be a refreshing look at vampires, no more vampire love stories or who's team are you on. Just a bad ass movie. We need to get back to being Ballsy!! Now here's a political-thriller concept with bite: Next May, Putnam will release "Blood Oath," which tells the tale of Nathaniel Cade, a vampire who has secretly served and protected every U.S. president for the past 140 years. "It's got a bit of a '24' concept t

Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw Go Country in "Love Don't Let Me Down"

Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw Go Country in "Love Don't Let Me Down" Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester are set to star in Screen Gems' country singing drama "Love Don't Let Me Down," which Shana Feste wrote and is directing. Tobey Maguire and Jenno Topping are producing via their Maguire Entertainment banner. In "Love," Hedlund plays a young rising singer-songwriter who becomes involved with a fallen country singer played by Paltrow. They embark on a career resurrection tour with her husband-manager (McGraw) and a beauty queen-turned-singer (Meester). Romantic entanglements and old demons threaten to derail them all. Production is set to begin in January 2010 in Nashville. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

Marvel and Disney Merger Set For December 31, 2009

Marvel and Disney Merger Set For December 31, 2009 Assuming that the shareholders approve the deal with the Walt Disney Company, Marvel Entertainment said today it anticipates that the merger will be completed on December 31st as well. The company announced today it has set the special meeting of stockholders for 9 AM on December 31st. "At the special meeting, stockholders will consider and vote on the adoption of the Agreement and Plan of Merger entered into by Marvel and The Walt Disney Company (“Disney”), which provides for a merger in which Marvel will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney." Stockholders who owned Marvel common stock at the close of business on November 23, 2009 are entitled to vote at the special meeting. The special meeting will be held at the offices of Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP in NYC. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Deadline

Top Cow's Comic "Alibi" Picked up By Summit Entertainment

Top Cow's Comic "Alibi" Picked up By Summit Entertainment Summit Entertainment, fresh off the success of "New Moon," has come onboard a feature version of Top Cow's comicbook "Alibi," with Mandeville toppers David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman producing. Comicbook, published last year, centers on a well-known socialite whose public presence establishes a perfect alibi for the covert activity of his secret twin brother, a government assassin. Mandeville snapped up rights to the project shortly after Comic-Con (Daily Variety, Aug. 4). Summit's attached John Hlavin to pen the script. He was recently hired to write the fourth installment of "Underworld" for Screen Gems and is developing his Western screenplay "Gunslinger" at Warner Bros. Hlavin's also writing "Boston P.D.," a cop procedural produced by Don Cheadle under his Crescendo banner, for NBC. He was previously was a writer and story editor on "The Shie

The Bourne Franchise Losses Paul Greengrass

The Bourne Franchise Losses Paul Greengrass Universal Pictures has acknowledged that Paul Greengrass has departed a fourth installment of “The Bourne Identity.” Studio has issued this statement from the director: Said Greengrass: "You won't find a more devoted supporter of the Bourne franchise than me. I will always be grateful to have been the caretaker to Jason Bourne over the course of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. I'm very proud of those films and feel they express everything I most passionately believe about the possibility of making quality movies in the mainstream. My decision to not return a third time as director is simply about feeling the call for a different challenge. There's been no disagreement with Universal Pictures. The opportunity to work with the Bourne family again is a difficult thing to pass up, but we have discussed this together and they have been incredibly understanding and supportive. I've been lucky enough to have made

COD-Modern Warfare 2 Director Jumps Into Film

COD-Modern Warfare 2 Director Jumps Into Film Activision Blizzard is generating critical raves and blockbuster sales for "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," and the success of the videogame is rubbing off on its director Keith Arem. Arem will make his feature directing bow on "Frost Road," an action thriller that Cary Brokaw ("Closer," "Angels in America") will produce along with Steven L'Heureux. Project revolves around a young man who awakens from a car accident to discover he is one of few survivors in the aftermath of a mysterious outbreak that's struck a small coast town on the East Coast. Somehow immune to the contagion, he tries to save the remaining survivors as he struggles to prevent the deadly wave from spreading across the planet. Arem penned the script for the pic, and is also developing the project as a graphic novel with co-creator Brandon Humphreys, with Christopher Shy illustrating. "Modern Warfare 2" has earned m

Twilight's "Breaking Dawn To Be Made Into Two Films?

Twilight's "Breaking Dawn To Be Made Into Two Films? "The two-week $481 million worldwide gross of "New Moon" has vaulted Summit Entertainment into the big leagues, but it also has created a high-class challenge for toppers Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger. They will likely have to cut a few big checks if they decided, as rumored, to split Stephenie Meyer's final "Twilight" novel, "Breaking Dawn," into two pictures. Sources said Summit has set Melissa Rosenberg -- who wrote the first three films -- to finish the series, but Summit has to clear several hurdles before Rosenberg learns how many more scripts she'll write. One of those hurdles is figuring out whether "New Moon" director Chris Weitz will respond favorably to overtures from the film company and the cast to shoot two more films, back to back. Summit execs would not comment, but multiple sources said the company wants to go the two-film route, which means reopeni

“The Black Hole” Film To Be Made By The Team Behind “Tron: Legacy”

“The Black Hole” Film To Be Made By The Team Behind “Tron: Legacy” Disney is preparing another expedition into “The Black Hole.” Joseph Kosinski and Sean Bailey, the director and producer of Disney’s new “Tron: Legacy,” and scribe Travis Beacham are teaming up for what is being labeled a reinvention of the 1979 sci-fi film, which at the time was the most expensive movie Disney had ever produced. “Hole” marks one of the first projects to be put into development by new studio chief Rich Ross. The original followed a group of space explorers aboard the USS Palomino who come across a lost ship, the USS Cygnus, hovering outside a black hole. Inside the Cygnus, the explorers meet a scientist, commanding an army of faceless robots, who explains his crew deserted him as he planned to go through the black hole. The explorers soon discover that the robots are the remnants of the former crew and that the scientist has no intention of letting them leave. The $26 million movie, which featured a men

Peter Berg Talks Battleship Movie

Peter Berg Talks Battleship Movie Berg recently invited a group of movie bloggers to a Naval ship in San Diego, the U.S.S. Sterett to give them a tour and talk about what exactly he has planned for the film. If you have never been on one of these ships you should definitely go when you have the chance! You might as well hit one up in San Diego when you are there for Comic-Con if you haven’t already, these ships are freakin incredible! Peter talks a bit about using the bridge, and other parts of the ship, as sets for the movie. He also talked about what would happen if all of this technology suddenly became unavailable to the officers during battle with the aliens. Or with the Chinese. Whichever happens first. Berg: Most of the things we're going to show you today, are sets we're going to build, or in theory, work out with the Navy so we can use them and make them as realistic as possible. One of the things the film inspires is it takes us into this incredibly complicated world

Zombieland and Jackass Sequels To Get 3D Treatment

Zombieland and Jackass Sequels To Get 3D Treatment Hollywood is moving forward with a pair of unlikely 3D sequels. Sony is in the process of inking deals to bring back the "Zombieland" team for a second installment, but this time the bloody comedy is poised to unspool in 3D. And Paramount has greenlit a third "Jackass," which will also be shot in 3D. Get ready to watch testicles being stapled in all their gory detail. In recent years, studios have given dozens of animated pics as well as tentpoles and horror films the 3D treatment, from "Avatar" to "My Bloody Valentine 3D" to "Monsters vs. Aliens." But until now, low- and medium-budget comedies have been off limits. "Everyone had fun watching (the first) 'Zombieland'; making it a more visceral experience can only make it better," said the film's producer Gavin Polone. "I don't think you want to see 'Ordinary People' in 3-D. But 'Zombieland'

A Nightmare On Elm Street New Pictures and International Synopsis

A Nightmare On Elm Street New Pictures and International Synopsis “Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley) returns in “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, a contemporary re-imagining of the horror classic. A group of suburban teenagers share one common bond: they are all being stalked by Freddy Krueger, a horribly disfigured killer who hunts them in their dreams. As long as they stay awake, they can protect one another…but when they sleep, there is no escape.” Film Is Due Out April 30,2010 Related News- A Nightmare On Elm Street Teaser Trailer Please Leave A Comment- Source- Omelete

New " The Book Of Eli " Poster

New The Book Of Eli Poster In The Book of Eli, Washington stars as a lone warrior named Eli, who fights his way across the desolate wasteland of near-future America to realize his destiny and deliver the knowledge that can bring civilization back from the brink of destruction and save the future of humanity. Film Opens Jan. 15, 2010 Related News- New Kick Ass Trailer For "The Book of Eli" Starring Denzel Washington Please Leave A Comment-

"True Blood" Gets New Cast Member- Sam's Little Brother

"True Blood" Gets New Cast Member- Sam's Little Brother Marshall Allman is joining the cast of HBO's "True Blood" as a regular for the upcoming third season. On Alan Ball's vampire drama, Allman will play Tommy Mickens, Sam Merlotte's (Sam Trammell) long-lost younger brother who works at a Tire Depot in Arkansas. Allman, who was a series regular on Fox's "Prison Break" playing LJ Burrows, recently guest-starred on AMC's "Mad Men" and FX's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

Ice Cube's "Ride Along" Gets A Rewrite

Ice Cube's "Ride Along" Gets A Rewrite Jason Mantzoukas has been hired to rewrite the action-comedy feature "Ride Along," starring Ice Cube. The Fox project, from 20th TV and Chernin Entertainment, takes place in a hospital and centers on a female doctor who is unraveling at the seams. "Ride Along," from New Line and Cube Vision, will star Cube as a rogue cop who tries to break off his sister's engagement to an upper-crust white psychiatrist by inviting his future brother-in-law on a ride-along. The project, penned by Greg Coolidge, has gone through a couple of rewrites. Cube and his producing partner Matt Alvarez are producing, with Chris Bender and JC Spink executive producing. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

Oren Peli's "Area 51" Headed To The Big Screen

Oren Peli's "Area 51" Headed To The Big Screen Paramount Pictures has landed U.S. distribution rights to "Area 51," the Oren Peli-directed follow-up to the sleeper hit "Paranormal Activity." Deal puts the studio back in business with the creative and financing team behind "Paranormal Activity," the $11,000 film that's grossed more than $106 million since Par began rolling it out in September. Peli had a much larger budget to work with on this extraterrestrial tale than he did for his ghost story, as sources said he brought the film in at a shade under $5 million. As many as four other bidders wanted the pic, but Par Film Group prexy Adam Goodman had an inside track. He was instrumental in acquiring "Paranormal Activity" while at DreamWorks and was the hands-on exec at Paramount, which effectively executed the rollout as the film built word of mouth and became a breakout hit. Goodman closed the deal with David Molner, chairman o

Matthew McConaughey "Rooster Tales"Coming To Fox

Matthew McConaughey "Rooster Tales"Coming To Fox Fox has partnered with Matthew McConaughey to develop an animated TV comedy based on his brother's life. "Rooster Tales" follows the world of a beer-swilling, redneck sheriff who marries a much younger woman from Mexico. The man soon realizes, however, that he's gained not only a wife but an entire clan -- 114 members and counting. "My brother's life is so unbelievable, we had to animate it," McConaughey said. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Variety

First Iron Man 2 Poster-War Machine First Look

First Iron Man 2 Poster Yahoo! Movies has debuted this first poster for Marvel Studios' Iron Man 2, which Paramount Pictures will release in theaters on May 7. The poster gives you a first official look at War Machine! Ah Can't wait Please Leave A Comment- Source- Yahoo

Predator News From Nimród Antal

Predator News From Nimród Antal Will Arnold himself might make an appearance? Maybe because we prefaced it by mentioning McG's own dilemma with how to answer that incessant question while promoting Terminator Salvation. Wisely, Antal remained coy, only saying, "Time will tell. We'll see, but we are trying to stay with the original as far as the monster and the atmosphere and the tone of the film, but we are trying to do something new and contemporary and feels fresh." Since the movie's title seemingly will include Robert Rodriguez's name even though the Austin-based filmmaker isn't directing, we were curious how involved Rodriguez was in the actual making of the movie. "Robert hired me, so obviously I'm very grateful for him giving me a shot. He is involved in the screenplay and we've had a lot of conversations, and any big decisions I want to make, I always speak to him about, but he's been very gracious and he's been letting me do my

"Thor" Movie Joe Quesada Talks About The Film

"Thor" Movie Joe Quesada Talks About The Film Jonah Weiland: While you and Bendis were both Tweeting from LA last week, a bunch of my friends who work in Hollywood were casting a skeptical eye on "Thor." They question how the movie will be a success. We see all this excitement from you guys, which has been ramped up by your business with Kenneth this can you put all those naysayers in their place and say, "This is the next Iron Man?" Are you that confident in the property? We are incredibly confident. And there isn't much I could say to convince people beyond, "Look at these designs! Look at this script! Look at the moments in this story and tell me it won't be a huge success." But, that's obviously something I can't do, so the one thing I can say – and I've said as much to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige – is that people are going to go into this movie with a preconceived idea about what it will be. If you're a

The Hobbit Movie Gets Delayed

The Hobbit Movie Gets Delayed Several reports are coming in that filming for The Hobbit will be delayed from the original estimate of March 2010 to mid-summer 2010, possibly July. The German site,, reports that, as part of an interview regarding The Lovely Bones, PJ estimates filming will begin towards the middle of next year: “We’re currently working on the second script which we hope to have completed by the end of this year or beginning of next. When the scripts are completed, we can begin with the exact calculation of the necessary budget. We hope to start filming in the middle of next year. However, we’ve received no green light from the studio yet.” (- translated from German – read the original quote here). PJ didn’t elaborate on whether this will affect the proposed release dates of December 2011 and 2012. More than two years elapsed between the start of filming for The Lord of the Rings movies in October, 1999, and the release of The Lord of the Rings: T