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Our First Look At Dwayne Johnson In "Faster"

Our First Look At Dwayne Johnson In "Faster" Dwayne Johnson makes his way back into adult oriented films with "Faster". Faster, the story of an ex-con (Johnson) who is out to avenge his brother's murder. The film, directed by Notorious' George Tillman, also stars Billy Bob Thornton,Moon Bloodgood,Maggie Grace and Carla Gugino Johnson steadies the Ruger double-action revolver — known as a "bear stopper" because hunters often carry the gun to stop charging animals — and pulls the trigger. Though he's firing blanks, the thunder echoes through the halls, prompting film crewmembers to cover their ears, though many are wearing headphones. He fires again. And again. When the gun is empty, he smiles broadly. "That," he says, "feels nice." How do you know this isn't the Johnson of kid-friendly The Game Plan and Return to Witch Mountain? For starters, Johnson gets shot in the head. "Isn't that great?" Johnson say

Dwayne Johnson and George Tillman Jr Go "Faster"

Dwayne Johnson and George Tillman Jr Go "Faster" Dwayne‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Finally going to venture into another action flick in " Faster" with Director George Tillman Jr . Tillman hasn't made very good movie's ( Roller Bounce / BeautyShop ) in his time as a Director and Producer , But with Dwayne I sure hope this movie turns out great. Tillman, who last directed the Notorious B.I.G. biopic , Notorious, is currently in talks to replace Phil Joanou at the helm of the movie, which will star Johnson as an ex-con avenging the murder of his brother. Joanou dropped out a couple of months ago – and with production due to start early next year, the need to install a new director was growing by the day. It’ll be Tillman’s first crack at an action movie proper – he directed Men Of Honor, that awful Cuba Gooding Jr./Robert De Niro movie back in 2000, but we’re sure he’d prefer it if we all just forgot that – and while he may not be a typical choice to helm a reveng