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The Power of the Dog Review 'Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the great actors working today'

Geena Davis Talks Beetle Juice 2

Geena Davis Talks Beetle Juice 2 This is just a rumor, so do not go and wet your pants just yet. The talk about doing a sequel to Beetlejuice has been in talks since the 1990's, Davis talked about the sequel while she was doing press for you upcoming film "Accident's Happen" Davis said: It's funny, [another journalist] just asked me about a sequel to Beetlejuice - which, though I haven't heard anything about it, might be interesting, I would do that!. "Thing is, do ghosts age?, Wouldn't we be stuck in the age we were? Alec [Baldwin] and I would have to look as we did then - who knows, maybe we could? I better get in touch with Tim Burton. A script titled "Beetlejuice goes Hawaiian" , written by Jonathan Gems, was doing the rounds in the early '90s. It saw the Deetz family moving to Hawaii, where Charles (Jeffrey Jones) is developing a resort. Soon enough the twice-unlucky clan discover they're building on top of an old ancie

David Cronenberg To Remake "The Fly" Again

David Cronenberg To Remake "The Fly" Again I loved this movie as a kid. I still remember watching it over and over again. I couldn't get over the bathroom scene with his ear and also the monkey in the machine. Not so sure about remaking a movie that you already remade. Do we really need another remake of a remake? Looks like some might think that we do. The auteur is in talks to develop a reboot of the 1986 classic with Fox, the studio that released that film, writing and potentially directing the new pic. The move marks an about-face for the Canadian director, who in the past has said he did not want to be involved on a remake of the film. Cronenberg did work on an opera version of "The Fly" that was staged first in Paris and then in Los Angeles. The 1986 title, itself a remake of Kurt Neumann's 1958 sci-fi classic , starred Jeff Goldblum and became a huge hit for Fox, earning $40 million and turning into a phenomenon. It centered on Seth Brundle (Go