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Television Review: #TexasRising Doesn't Get It Quite Right...Again

The History Channel miniseries doesn't get it quite right...again. Review by Matt Cummings For something whose name suggests they should hold the monopoly on truth, The History Channel seems enamored with constantly telling its own embellished version of America's story. From the terribly-inaccurate Sons of Liberty to The Hatfields and McCoys , History doesn't quite get that our story doesn't need a dramatic touch to be excellent. Such is the case with Texas Rising , the 10-hour, 5-parter mega story that mires us in dirt, filth, and soap-opera dialogue while doing very little to tell us the real story of Texas' genesis. Starting off with the longest dialogue crawl in recent memory (it goes on like Dark Helmet's ship in Spaceballs ), Texas Rising sets us immediately into the center of The Alamo, the fort which Mexico General Santa Anna ( Olivier Martinez )had destroyed in 1836. Word gets back to the commander of the resistance Sam Houston ( Bill Paxton