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X-Men Apocalypse: Storm, Cyclops, and Jean Grey Cast

Read on to find out who will be playing the iconic characters. Story by David Clark The X-Men movie franchise is back and some fresh faces have been thrown into the mix. Coming up on the 8th major X-Men film release it seems the time is right to make old things new again for an eager audience. There are a few familiar names returning this time. The roles once filled by Patrick Stewart (Xavier) and Ian McKellen (Magneto) are now being played by their younger on screen counterparts James McKavoy and Erik Lensherr. In fact, recent rumors speculate that long standing stalwarts Patrick Stewart and McKellen may not be appearing in the film at all. The trend in the franchise of moving the series to a younger generation of actors continues with the latest casting decisions. First on the list of recent franchise acquisitions is that of the actress to play young Jean Grey. Those who are fans of the series and comics will remember that Jean Grey is the conflicted and volatile