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WAR ON EVERYONE Trailer Starring Alexander Skarsgård & Michael Peña

Award-winning writer-director of THE GUARD & CALVARY , John Michael McDonagh crosses the globe for his much-anticipated third film, a jet-black action comedy starring Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Peña and Theo James . In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Terry Monroe (Skarsgård) and Bob Bolaño (Peña) are two corrupt cops who set out to blackmail and frame every criminal unfortunate enough to cross their path. Things take a sinister turn, however, when they try to intimidate someone who is more dangerous than they are. Or is he? Known for his distinctively witty sensibility and confrontational humour, McDonagh previously wrote and directed the acclaimed drama Calvary, starring Brendan Gleeson, and offbeat comedy The Guard, also starring Gleeson alongside Don Cheadle, which became a worldwide sleeper hit. WAR ON EVERYONE stars Alexander Skarsgård (Tarzan, Melancholia, True Blood), Michael Peña (Ant-Man, Fury, End of Watch) and Theo James (Insurgent, Divergent). Joining in supportin

Calvary On Blu-ray/DVD On December 9th

Calvary currently on Digital HD and on Blu-ray/DVD on December 9th Our review: Calvary Review: Quirky Dark Comedy Asks Tough Questions Brendan Gleeson delivers “a truly sensational performance” (Total Film) in this darkly comic tale of murder and morality from acclaimed writer-director John Michael McDonagh (The Guard). Father James ( Gleeson ) is a good priest who feels sinister forces closing in after being threatened by a mysterious parishioner. As he continues to comfort the troubled members of his community, including his own fragile daughter ( Kelly Reilly ), Father James begins to wonder if he will have the courage to face his own personal Calvary. Blu-ray Special Features Behind the Scenes The Role of a Good Priest A Matter of Faith A Father & His Daughter Calvary Blu-ray Street Date: December 9, 2014 Prebook Date: November 5, 2014 Screen Format: Widescreen 2.35:1 Audio: English DTS-HD-MA

Inside the Bucket Podcast #25

This week's episode of Inside the Bucket is online! Revel in the digital mastery! Today's episode of Inside the Bucket features the SJF boys gettin' freaky in ways straight men shouldn't try. Zak Sousa pretends to sick, while Matt, John, and Brandon bitch and complain about comicbook movie and general news, as well other items which can be found on our site SANDWICHJOHNFILMS.COM . Later, they get into a Rants & Raves segment that includes Matt's newest love, The League , as well as John's news about ATARI GAME OVER . Matt also discusses the movie CALVARY, featuring Brendon Gleeson. After that, they review GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY , starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Bradley Cooper. Please check out all the links to the stories we covered in today's podcast. Finally, we welcome a fake-sick Zak Sousa as he debates Matt about GUARDIANS . It's a cosmic throwdown that John and Brandon can only hope to survive! If you haven't had

Open Forum Friday: August 1, 2014

Here's your chance to connect with the SJF community. While you're welcome to comment on any movie or television thoughts you might have, here's a brief rundown of the movies released this week and Blu-rays to be released next Tuesday: Movies - Guardians of the Galaxy - Get On Up - Calvary Blu-rays - Need for Speed - Oculus - Divergent Also, don't forget to listen to our weekly podcast, where we break down the major news of the week and do our giveaways. No matter what you choose to talk about, a few ground rules: keep it nice, no ads, and no flaming. Other than that, sound off on any movie or television thoughts you have. Feel free to comment on any of the following: 1. What are you watching on television? 2. What's the last film you saw? 3. How can we make the podcast better? These are just some of the questions, but again pick something movie or TV related. Happy posting!

Calvary Review: Quirky Dark Comedy Asks Tough Questions

Brendan Gleeson shines in this unconventionally-funny-serious-soulful film. I've always loved Actor Brendan Gleeson, his huge presence a startling contradiction to the small roles which have filled his terrific career. With Director John Michael McDonaugh's Calvary , Gleeson gets to spread his wings: the results might have Oscar written on them. For parent-turned-Father James Lavelle (Gleeson), life in his small town soon takes a drastic turn, as he's threatened by an unknown man during confession. The victim seeks revenge for being being molested by a priest years ago, and Father Levelle becomes the target. But who in his small town would make such a threat? There’s the butcher (Chris O’Dowd) who is suspected of beating his slut-wife (Orla O’Rourke) and her Ivorian-immigrant lover (Isaach De Bankole), as well as the sexually-frustrated Milo (Killian Scott) and the crotchety old American writer (M. Emmet Walsh), who's hell-bent on taking his life before deme