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Wizard Wars Holds Its Own

How Well Is Syfy’s Reality Show Doing? Story By David Clark The Syfy Channel is often associated as a place comprised entirely of fairytale and alien programming. Some might think it is a channel people quickly switch away from for fear of being labeled a nerd or geek. The honest truth, the Syfy channel has a little something for everybody. Regardless of perception there is one show that might be worth checking out. Latest ratings have Penn and Teller’s show Wizard Wars commanding a weekly viewership upwards of 1.68 million people. The premise of the show has young aspiring magicians trying to impress the infamous Penn and Teller utilizing everyday objects to perform mind bending magic tricks. Airing weekly on Thursday nights in the 10/9c time slot the show has seen an increase in audience size of 36% in the second season. When compared to the field of cable programming available in the same time slot, Wizard Wars is ranked within the top 10 amongst adults age 18-