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Alfonso Cuaron To Direct Fantastic Beasts?

As Warner Bros. plunges headlong back into the world of Harry Potter with prequel spin-off Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them , the studio recently announced a 2016 release date for the first planned film. To help it reach cinemas, Fantastic Beasts will need a director, and it appears Warners is turning to one of the former Harry helmers, with Alfonso Cuaron reportedly in talks. Cuaron, who scored a huge hit and a mantelpiece-troubling haul of awards for Gravity , was responsible for giving the Potter franchise a stylish new breath of life with The Prisoner Of Azkaban 10 years ago. His return to the wizarding world – albeit for an adventure that takes place decades before the young hero ever arrives at Hogwarts – would be welcome, as he’s shown he has a clear grip on the material and can bring what he’s since learned to the film. Of course, since Children Of Men and particularly Gravity, Cuaron is in serious demand and can make pretty much anything he wants, but he enj

Gravity Trailer Starring Clooney & Bullock

Beautiful vistas of the Earth. George Clooney being a reassuring astronaut. Explosions. Sandra Bullock doing her best Shia LaBeouf impression (you’ll understand when you watch it): it can only be the teaser trailer for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity . Bullock plays Dr Ryan Stone, a medical engineer in orbit for her first shuttle mission, working alongside veteran space jockey Matt Kowalsky ( Clooney ), on his last trip before retirement (because, like police officers, that never ends badly). While they’re out on a routine spacewalk tragedy strikes and their shuttle is destroyed in a random accident. The pair finds themselves suddenly very much alone, tethered only to each other and floating off into the inky depths. There’s no radio contact with Earth, and as panic sets in, they discover the only way to get home might be to go deeper into space. 'Deeper?' we hear you think and then say out loud, 'surely not!' But soothe yourselves: that will all be explained. We

George Clooney To Star In Warner Bros. "Gravity"

George Clooney Replaces Robert Downey Jr. George Clooney will star opposite Sandra Bullock in Gravity , Warner Bros.’ and Legendary Pictures' 3D outer space thriller that has become a game of musical chairs for actors. The initial pairing for the Alfonso Cuaron -directed project -- about a female astronaut struggling to survive and trying to make it to Earth after a disaster in space -- was to have been Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey Jr. Then came a protracted series of reversals that saw Jolie leave and come back, and actresses Marion Cotillard, Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively and Natalie Portman involved with the movie to varying degrees, all within the last eight months. Downey stuck with the project throughout the various casting changes but in mid-November, just as things looked set with Bullock, he bailed. Warner considered scrapping the project but conducted a Hail Mary search for the male lead who, while doesn’t carry the movie, is still pivotal in the firs

Robert Downey Jr. To Star In How to Talk to Girls

Robert Downey Jr. Got His Eye On A Girl Robert Downey Jr. has officially left the orbit of Gravity , the Alfonso Cuaron outer space survival thriller set up at Warner Bros. But those who need their Downey fix can turn their attention to Fox’s How to Talk to Girls . Sources say that actor is circling the project, an adaptation of a book by a nine-year old boy revolving around advice on how to deal with the opposite sex. Downey, along with wife and producing partner Susan Downey, would also come aboard as a producer, joining Shawn Levy and his 21 Laps banner. Girls was written by Alec Greven , then 9 years old, as a school project. It landed the boy a publishing deal (at least three other How to Talk to ... books have been written) and put him on talk shows across the country. Ben Karlin and Stu Zicherman wrote a draft but word is that the project is being reconceived and developed as a Downey vehicle. Susan Downey will spearhead the development process and will oversee the

Sandra Bullock To Reunite With The Proposal Director

Sandra Bullock To Reunite With The Proposal Director Sandra Bullock is reuniting with the director of The Proposal , Anne Fletcher, for an untitled project. Warner Bros. has picked up the pitch, which hails from scribes Pamela Falk and Michael Ellis. Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot of Offspring Entertainment are producing. Bullock is attached to star, while Fletcher will direct. Details are scarce, but the contemporary-set project is described as in the vein of the 1978 Paul Mazursky film An Unmarried Woman and Saturday Night Fever. Bullock also will executive produce with her Fortis Films partner Maggie Biggar. Offspring's Matt Smith also is executive producing. Sarah Schechter is overseeing for Warners. The acquisition comes as Bullock is in negotiations to star in the studio's outer space survival movie, Gravity , from director Alfonso Cuaron. Gravity is vying with Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close as her next movie. Choreographer-turned-director Fletcher,

Natalie Portman Offered "Gravity"

 "Gravity"  Pulls Natalie Portman To A Space Station Natalie Portman has fielded an offer from Warner Bros. to star in the drama " Gravity ." The lead in the epic survival story, co-written by Alfonso and Jonas Cuaron, has been a highly sought role for months, with Angelina Jolie pulling out of it recently. The $80 million 3D survival story, which Alfonso Cuaron will direct, centers on a woman stranded on a space station after satellite debris slams into it and wipes out the rest of the crew. Robert Downey Jr. already has committed to a supporting role, but much of the picture is devoted to the female character, who must survive a solitary ordeal much in the way Tom Hanks did in "Cast Away" or James Franco does in "127 Hours," another Telluride sneak screening. In the wake of "Swan" notices, Cuaron finally got the green light from the studio to relay the offer to Portman without requiring a screen test. Portman, who couldn't

Robert Downey Jr. To Star In "Gravity," 3D Space Film

Robert Downey Jr. To Star In "Gravity," 3D Space Film With all the back and forth from Angelina Jolie first she was going to star in the film and then she would back out. It seems like the film might actually lift off the ground.Robert Downey Jr. is negotiating a deal to star in Gravity, the 3D space film directed by Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men and Y tu mama tambien). Cuaron also made this script a family affair by having his son Jonas help him write it. Gravity, which was written by Cuaron with son Jonas, plans to feature Dosney Jr as the commander of a team working at a remote space station. Tragedy strikes when he and a female colleague are working outside the structure, and debris from a destroyed satellite kills most of their crew mates. With time running out, the isolated pair must find a way to get back to Earth. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Deadline