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Wild Review: Witherspoon's Performance Can't Sustain the Story

Jean-Marc Vallée's Wild gets lost along the trail. Review by Matt Cummings Director Jean-Marc Vallée stunned us in 2013 with Dallas Buyer's Club , a story about a man's personal journey into the Hell of AIDS in the 1980's. He returns in 2014 with Wild , a movie bolstered by Reese Witherspoon's terrific performance and a script that can't keep up with her. In 1995, Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) made the impetuous choice to walk the entire length of Pacific Crest Trail alone. Suffering from a series of personal tragedies including the death of her well-intentioned but lost mother (Laura Dern), Strayed spiraled into a world of drugs and trampish behavior before finding herself divorced and on the edge of a mental breakdown. Desperate to rediscover herself, Cheryl sets out on her 150-day odyssey, determined but impossibly inexperienced, encountering danger, starvation, and perhaps her former self along the way. Witherspoon locks into her ch