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Movie Review: #Inferno

Can Tom Hanks and Ron Howard resurrect Robert Langdon in Inferno ? Review by Matt Cummings For a film series that inexplicably took seven years off, Dan Brown's controversial The da Vinci Code franchise - if it could be labeled that - it's assumed that the newest entry Inferno would come at us full of codes, history, and deep conspiracies. Unfortunately, we get a muddled mess that diminishes the main character's cryptographic genius and reminds us of a world that seems eerily similar to Brown's. Harvard professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) awakens in an Italian hospital with amnesia and deep cut on his head, prone to fits of horrifying visions about an oncoming apocalypse filled with historical themes and deadly characters. But before he gain his senses, he's instantly the target of a shadowy organization, forcing Doctor Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) to assist with his escape. Langdon soon realizes that his possession of an ancient painting is a