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Monday, November 30, 2015

Alicia Vikander Joins Submergence

Earlier this month, the news arrived that Wim Wenders had James McAvoy ready to star in his new romantic drama. At the time, he was still looking for a female lead, but appears to have found the perfect candidate, as Alicia Vikander is now close to joining McAvoy in Submergence.

Loosely adapted from J.M. Ledgard’s 2013 novel by Erin Dignam, the story finds two lovers separated by thousands of miles as they both face life-or-death situations. McAvoy will be James Moore, the prisoner of jihadist fighters in Somalia. As he endures his captivity, his thoughts drift to Danielle Flinders (Vikander), the women he fell for after they met the previous Christmas. She, meanwhile, is thinking of him as her submersible explores the depths of the ocean floor.

Wenders is looking to start the cameras rolling this March in Europe and Africa. Vikander, who has become one of the most in demand actors around, will next be seen in The Danish Girl, out here on January 1, and already the subject of awards talk. She’ll follow that with the next Bourne film on July 29 and The Light Between Oceans, which won’t reach these shores until January 6, 2017.

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