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Friday, October 31, 2014


Win Tickets To An Advance For LAGGIES Saturday, November 1st at 7:25PM in San Francisco.

Overeducated and underemployed, 28 year old Megan (Keira Knightley) is in the throes of a quarterlife crisis. Squarely into adulthood with no career prospects, no particular motivation to think about her future and no one to relate to, Megan is comfortable lagging a few steps behind – while her friends check off milestones and celebrate their new grown-up status. When her high-school sweetheart (Mark Webber) proposes, Megan panics and– given an unexpected opportunity to escape for a week – hides out in the home of her new friend, 16-year old Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Annika’s world-weary single dad Craig (Sam Rockwell).

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Email us at sandwichjohnfilmsscreenings at
Subject Laggies
Will need your full name

DISCLAIMER: ARRIVE EARLY! SEATING IS FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED, EXCEPT FOR MEMBERS OF THE REVIEWING PRESS. THEATER IS OVERBOOKED TO ENSURE A FULL HOUSE. THEATRE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OVERBOOKING. THIS PASS DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION AND MUST BE SURRENDERED UPON DEMAND. NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT A TICKET AND ONLY REVIEWING PRESS WILL BE ADMITTED AFTER THE SCREENING BEGINS. Duplicate passes will not be accepted. Screening passes are non transferable. This ticket is NOT for resale. Reselling of tickets is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. All those found in violation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. MPAA - No Recording This screening will be monitored for unauthorized recording. By attending, you agree not to bring any audio and/or visual recording device including laptop computers into the theater and you consent to physical search of have against you. Unauthorized recording will be reported to law enforcement and may subject you to criminal and civil liability (including damages up to $150,000). *This includes, by way of example only, smart phones and your belongings and person for such device. If you attempt to enter with a recording device, you will be denied admission. If you attempt to use a recording device*, you consent to your Immediate removal from the theater and forfeiture of the device.

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“Peeta” Official TV Spot For THE HUNGER GAMES: #MOCKINGJAY Part 1

Peeta Melark (Josh Hutcherson) in this new TV Spot for THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY Part 1.

THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART 1 opens nationwide November 21, 2014!

The worldwide phenomenon of The Hunger Games continues to set the world on fire with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, which finds Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) in District 13 after she literally shatters the games forever. Under the leadership of President Coin (Julianne Moore) and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss spreads her wings as she fights to save Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and a nation moved by her courage. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is directed by Francis Lawrence from a screenplay by Danny Strong and Peter Craig and produced by Nina Jacobson’s Color Force in tandem with producer Jon Kilik. The novel on which the film is based is the third in a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins that has over 65 million copies in print in the U.S. alone.

Lionsgate presents, a Color Force / Lionsgate production, a Francis Lawrence film.

Cast (Character): Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen), Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark), Liam Hemsworth (Gale Hawthorne), Woody Harrelson (Haymitch Abernathy), Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket), Julianne Moore (President Coin), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Plutarch Heavensbee), Jeffrey Wright (Beetee), Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair), Jena Malone (Johanna Mason), with Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flickerman), and Donald Sutherland (President Snow)

Directed by: Francis Lawrence
Screenplay by: Danny Strong and Peter Craig
Based upon the novel “Mockingjay” by: Suzanne Collins

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ABCs OF DEATH 2 Opening Animated Sequence

To celebrate Halloween and the theatrical opening of ABCs OF DEATH 2 today, we have two horrific pieces of content to share.

The first is the very cool and creepy animated opening title sequence from the film. The animation was done by Wolfgang Matzl with paper cutouts. Music composed by Andre Roessler.

ABCs OF DEATH 2 is the follow-up to the most ambitious anthology film ever conceived with productions spanning from Nigeria to UK to Brazil and everywhere in between. It features segments directed by over two dozen of the world's leading talents in contemporary genre film. The film is comprised of twenty-six individual chapters, each helmed by a different director assigned a letter of the alphabet. The directors were then given free rein in choosing a word to create a story involving death. Provocative, shocking, funny and at times confrontational, ABCs OF DEATH 2 is another
global celebration of next generation genre filmmaking.

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Kelly Reilly Joins True Detective Season 2

The cast for the second season of True Detective is several steps closer to completion. Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are confirmed (and Taylor Kitsch said recently that his deal is done), and now the show has added yet more names, with Kelly Reilly, Michael Irby, Abigail Spencer and Leven Rambin all reportedly signing on.

Set in California locales, and once more written by Nic Pizzolatto, the new season sees Farrell as Velcoro, a compromised detective whose allegiances are torn between his masters in a corrupt police department and the mobster who owns him. Vaughn will play Frank Semyon, a career criminal in danger of losing his empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by the murder of a business partner. Rachel McAdams is reported to be close to a deal to play police detective Ani Bezzerides.

Irby is playing Elvis Ilinca, McAdams’ police partner, but the other new arrivals’ roles are shrouded in secrecy for now. Justin Lin is set to direct the first two of what will be eight hour-long episodes and the new season is scheduled to start shooting later this autumn in California.

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Pride & Prejudice & Zombies First Look

Until recently, the adaptation of Seth Graeme-Smith’s Jane Austen-meets-horror genre-mash book Pride And Prejudice And Zombies spent its time lurking in development limbo. But thanks to finally locking in a script and a director (Burr Steers) and a rash of casting, it’s in production and Entertainment Weekly has grabbed a first look image.

The picture shows the Bennett sisters Elizabeth (Lily James), Lydia (Ellie Bamber), Mary (Millie Brady), Jane (Bella Heathcote), and Kitty (Suki Waterhouse) tooled up and ready to fight the “Sorry Stricken”, AKA the risen dead, who cause trouble for the family. And they thought finding marriageable mates was hard enough…

Still, they’re clearly all ready for combat, particularly our heroine, Elizabeth. “Even in the original story, Elizabeth’s a fighter and beyond her contemporaries in her ambitions and her ideas of women,” she tells EW. “She’s a badass warrior. She’s a ninja.”

With Steers re-writing a script that has been through the word processor of David O. Russell (who considered directing), the film also has Sam Riley (as Mr. Darcy) Jack Huston (Mr. Wickham) and more, including Matt Smith, Lena Headey, Sally Phillips and Douglas Booth. It’ll arrive on screens next year, finally.

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Win Tickets To An Advance Screening For #BirdmanMovie In Albuquerque

Win Tickets To An Advance For BIRDMAN November 3rd at 7:00 pm in Albuquerque.

BIRDMAN or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance is a black comedy that tells the story of an actor (Michael Keaton) – famous for portraying an iconic superhero – as he struggles to mount a Broadway play. In the days leading up to opening night, he battles his ego and attempts to recover his family, his career, and himself.

The film stars Michael Keaton, Amy Ryan, Andrea Riseborough, Bill Camp, Damian Young , Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Jeremy Shamos, Lindsay Duncan, Merritt Wever, Naomi Watts and Zach Galifianakis.

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DISCLAIMER: ARRIVE EARLY! SEATING IS FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED, EXCEPT FOR MEMBERS OF THE REVIEWING PRESS. THEATER IS OVERBOOKED TO ENSURE A FULL HOUSE. THEATRE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OVERBOOKING. THIS PASS DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION AND MUST BE SURRENDERED UPON DEMAND. NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT A TICKET AND ONLY REVIEWING PRESS WILL BE ADMITTED AFTER THE SCREENING BEGINS. Duplicate passes will not be accepted. Screening passes are non transferable. This ticket is NOT for resale. Reselling of tickets is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. All those found in violation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. MPAA - No Recording This screening will be monitored for unauthorized recording. By attending, you agree not to bring any audio and/or visual recording device including laptop computers into the theater and you consent to physical search of have against you. Unauthorized recording will be reported to law enforcement and may subject you to criminal and civil liability (including damages up to $150,000). *This includes, by way of example only, smart phones and your belongings and person for such device. If you attempt to enter with a recording device, you will be denied admission. If you attempt to use a recording device*, you consent to your Immediate removal from the theater and forfeiture of the device.

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Seth Rogen To Play Steve Wozniak Opposite Christian Bale

Seth Rogen is being eyed to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak opposite Christian Bale in Sony's Steve Jobs movie, while Jessica Chastain is also being sought for a role in the film, multiple individuals familiar with the project have told TheWrap.

Danny Boyle is directing the film — which is not a traditional biopic — from a script by Aaron Sorkin, who had access to Jobs’ authorized biography by Walter Isaacson.

The film is expected to follow Jobs during three stressful, high-profile product launches including the first Macintosh in 1984 and Apple's 2001 debut of the iPod.

While neither Chastain nor Rogen have deals in place, the latter actor is in talks to play Wozniak, who created the Apple I computer and co-created the Apple II computer in the mid-1970s.

Scott Rudin, Mark Gordon and Guymon Casady are producing the film, which Sony has high hopes for, as it could be a major awards contender.

Rogen has proved himself more than capable of handling dramatic roles with his performances in “Take This Waltz” and “50/50.” Rogen's potential pairing with Bale has been compared to Martin Scorsese's decision to cast Jonah Hill alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which of course culminated with the actor's second Oscar nomination.

Rogen next stars opposite James Franco in “The Interview,” which Sony will release on Christmas Day. Rogen and producing partner Evan Goldberg co-directed the R-rated comedy, just as they did Sony's upcoming animated movie “Sausage Party.” Rogen recently wrapped Sony's untitled Christmas Eve movie, which reteams him with his “50/50” collaborators Joseph Gordon-Levitt and director Jonathan Levine.

Chastain, who is simply being courted for an unspecified role and does not have a deal in place, previously starred in Sony's “Zero Dark Thirty” and is known to have a close relationship with studio chief Amy Pascal. She next stars in Christopher Nolan's “Interstellar” and will soon be seen opposite Oscar Isaac in “A Most Violent Year.” She's represented by CAA and Mosaic.

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Open Forum Friday: October 31, 2014

Here's your chance to connect with the GOULISH SJF community.
Welcome to a special edition of Open Forum Friday! This week, we want to know your top Halloween flicks. Are you into he blood-spattering gore of Freddy, or does The Conjuring scare you like it does us? While you're welcome to comment on this or any movie or television thoughts you might have, here's a brief rundown of the movies released this week and Blu-rays to be released next Tuesday:

- Before I Go to Sleep
- Horns
- Nightcrawler

- 22 Jump Street
- A Most Wanted Man
- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition

Also, don't forget to listen to our weekly podcast, where we break down the major news of the week and do our giveaways.

No matter what you choose to talk about, a few ground rules: keep it nice, no ads, and no flaming.

Other than that, sound off on any movie or television thoughts you have.

Feel free to comment on any of the following:

1. What are you watching on television?
2. What's the last film you saw?
3. What would you like to see us discuss on the podcast?

These are just some of the questions, but again pick something movie or TV related.

Happy posting!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Birdman Review: Don't Listen to the Hype

Michael Keaton's Birdman is one part bore-fest and two parts "Why did I agree to see this?"

Warning: This review contains MAJOR SPOILERS.
In Birdman, Michael Keaton plays Riggan Thomson, a washed-up actor who once played a flying comic book hero named Birdman, but whose recent exploits have landed him on Broadway. Riggan is also trying to ignore the character bulls eye that once garnered him millions but left him emotionally empty; now, he's funding his own production of Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love and desperate to be taken seriously. His cast includes the one seeking similar Hollywood cred (Naomi Watts) and his on-again/off-again fuckbuddy (Andrea Riseborough). But when the show loses one of its actors, his pretentious replacement (Edward Norton) starts to undo Riggan's comeback, leaving his post-rehab daughter (Emma Stone) to question his intentions and sanity, while his lawyer (Zach Galifianakis) tries to keep the lights on. As he enters the final preview night, Riggan's future hangs in the balance as his doppelganger begins to speak to him, seeking to undo his already fragile psyche.

Tonally all over the place, Birdman is one of those films that only true independent moviegoers will appreciate. Its experimental style feels like an inside joke about theater, actors, and the whole Hollywood structure, while going absolutely nowhere story-wise. Birdman will make you feel like a fourth wheel, the other three being Birdman, Itself, and Them. There are serious continuity issues throughout, such as the 'quiet moments of reflection' between Stone and Norton high above the street of competing shows. They're enjoyable together, but what they're saying to each other feels not at all connected to the larger story. The same goes for Norton himself, who disappears during the third act, while Keaton waxes poetic about his failed life. Keaton - who is clearly the best of the ensemble cast which Director Alejandro González Iñárritu has assembled - carries this film with a mixture of poise and psychosis that must haunt most Hollywood actors who struggle to remain relevant after hitting it big. To Riggan, he can feel Father Time and Doctor Regret on his back, reminding him of the mistakes of his past, with Keaton channeling his best Rebecca de Mornay from Dinner for Five.

But even Birdman can't keep this wreck of a performance piece from crashing to ground, as González Iñárritu seems to change the rules of this universe whenever the moment requires it. First we think Riggan is going insane as he's seemingly able to 'Jedi' items across the room, then spreads his wings near film's end to fly gracefully over New York without anyone recognizing him, and once again confined to Earth once more once he gets locked out of the theater. When his daughter thinks he's committed suicide during the final scene, we see her suddenly realize that he can in fact fly, something two minutes before he seemed incapable of doing. The one thing that's even worth mentioning is Gravity Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki's fluid filming that wants desperately to be Hitchcock. In the end, those transitions worked really well for Gravity because the tension was supposed to be in real time. Here, it just gets in the way because it's spread out over three days.

Filled with an ensemble cast who barely registers a blip (Riseborough and Watts are merely deadweight here), Birdman rockets between terse Hollywood commentary, the highs of empty zany comedy, and the depressive melancholy after a night of hard partying. This isn't Scarlet Johansson's Her by a long shot; but with critics trying to elevate this one to similar starry heights, don't listen to the hype. Birdman isn't worth your time under any circumstances, drunk, stoned, or merely curious.

Birdman is rated R for language throughout, some sexual content and brief violence and has a runtime of 119 minutes.

Tons Of New #Furiou7 Featurettes

Enjoy all of the Furious7 Featurettes below.

Continuing the global exploits in the unstoppable franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast of FAST & FURIOUS 7.

James Wan directs this chapter of the hugely successful series that also welcomes back favorites Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Elsa Pataky and Lucas Black. They are joined by international action stars new to the franchise including Jason Statham, Djimon Hounsou, Tony Jaa, Ronda Rousey and Kurt Russell. Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel and Michael Fottrell return to produce the film written by Chris Morgan

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New images from TERMINATOR GENISYS and to be honest I am not impressed with the images at all. But I still have hope for the film.

See all the images after the Jump...

The filmmakers plan to re-create the memorable scene in the original ­Terminator when the T-800 lands at L.A.’s Griffith ­Observatory, complete with Schwarzenegger’s 36-year-old face and ripped, naked body. To achieve that, the special-effects team has created a “synthespian,” or synthetic thespian, using a body double plus scans of Schwarz­enegger’s face from the first film merged with what his face looks like now. The result: an entirely CG head of the Terminator circa 1984.
The filmmakers are counting on that technology, and the movie’s villain—a man/machine hybrid they’re keeping under wraps—to be visual game changers.

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Images Via EW


#MALEFICENT FEATURETTE "Aurora Becoming" & Blu-ray Combo Pack Release Date


Arrives On Disney Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere,
DVD & On-Demand Nov. 4, 2014!

Disney’s most iconic villain “MALEFICENT” comes to life for all to own, November 4, 2014. Starring Academy Award®-winning actress Angelina Jolie (Best Supporting Actress, “Girl, Interrupted,” 2000) as Maleficent, this wickedly fun twist on the classic “Sleeping Beauty” will be made available on Disney Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere, DVD and On-Demand platforms.

After enchanting audiences around the world and grossing more than $700 million in worldwide box office, this live-action, fantasy adventure casts a wondrous new spell on Blu-ray and Digital HD, featuring stunning high definition picture and sound, plus spellbinding, all-new bonus features, including several deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes featurettes that take viewers deeper behind the scenes of the filmmaking magic.

Join the cast and crew as they explore how Disney’s animated classic “Sleeping Beauty” was re-imagined as an innovative, live-action epic in “From Fairy Tale to Feature Film.” Discover how King Henry and Maleficent's opening battle scene was created using gigantic wire rigs and elaborate choreography in “Building an Epic Battle.” Learn how playing Aurora was a fairytale come true for actress Elle Fanning in “Aurora: Becoming A Beauty.” And find out more about the meticulous detail that went into creating Maleficent's elaborate head wraps, rings and other accessories in “Classic Couture.” Viewers can also relive the film’s journey to the screen through concept art, layered visual effects and behind the scenes footage in “Maleficent Revealed.”

“Maleficent” stars Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning (“Super 8,” “We Bought a Zoo”), Sharlto Copley (“District 9,” “Elysium”), Sam Riley (“Control,” “On the Road”), Imelda Staunton (“Harry Potter” series), Lesley Manville (“Another Year,” “Secrets & Lies”), Juno Temple (“The Dark Knight Rises,” “Atonement”) and Brenton Thwaites (“Oculus”). It marks the directorial debut of two-time Academy Award® winner Robert Stromberg (Best Achievement in Art Direction, “Avatar,” 2010; Best Achievement in Art Direction, “Alice in Wonderland,” 2011). It was written by Linda Woolverton (“Alice in Wonderland,” “The Lion King”) and produced by Joe Roth (“Alice in Wonderland,” “Oz the Great and Powerful”).

Bonus Features:
Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital HD/SD & Disney Movies Anywhere
• From Fairy Tale to Feature Film - Reimagining Maleficent for a new generation
• Building An Epic Battle –Creating the clash between Maleficent and King Henry’s Forces
• Classic Couture - Examine Maleficent’s spellbinding head wraps and jewelry.
• Maleficent Revealed - Explore the layers of extraordinary special effects.
• Aurora: Becoming A Beauty - Elle Fanning reveals her lifelong love of Disney’s original animated classic.
• Deleted Scenes:
o “Stefan In King's Chamber”
o “Pixie Idiots”
o “Diaval asks about the Curse”
o “Pixies Seek Asylum”
o “Suitor”
• And More!

*Digital bonus offerings will vary per retailer

• Aurora: Becoming A Beauty

Disc Specifications:
Feature Run Time: Approximately 97 minutes
Rating: Feature Film: “PG” in U.S. and Canada (CE); G in Canada (CF)
Additional Bonus Features Not Rated
Aspect Ratio: Blu-ray Feature Film = 1080p High Definition/2.40:1
DVD= Widescreen 2.40:1 / Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions
Audio: Blu-ray Feature Film = 7.1, English 2.0 Descriptive Audio, Spanish and French Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD=English, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, English 2.0 Descriptive Audio
Languages/Subtitles: English, Spanish & French
English Captions for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Social Media:
Stay connected with the latest news and information about Disney’s “Maleficent”:
• “Like” us on Facebook:
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• Check out our Website and Mobile Site:
• Visit and download the DMA App at:

Explore the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain in this wickedly fun twist on the classic “Sleeping Beauty.” In an unforgiving mood after a neighboring kingdom threatens her forest, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) places an irrevocable curse on the king’s newborn daughter, the Princess Aurora. But as the child grows, Maleficent finds herself becoming fond of the girl. And as the conflict between the two realms intensifies, Maleficent realizes that Aurora may hold the key to peace in the land. Journey beyond the fairy tale in this soaring adventure that is “visually arresting, brilliantly designed” (Andrew Barker, Variety).

Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) is a cloud-based digital movie service that offers a hassle-free way for consumers to buy, watch, and manage Disney digital content across platforms and devices via the easy-to-use DMA app or A DMA-eligible digital title purchased from an iTunes-connected account or redeemed in DMA will be accessible in a user’s DMA and iTunes lockers. There are currently over 400 films from Disney’s rich history available through DMA for streaming and download, including Disney Branded Animation, Disney Live-Action, Pixar, and Marvel titles, along with exclusive, original content. For more information or to redeem Digital Copy codes to build your library and earn Disney Movie Rewards Points for digital purchases, visit

For 90 years, The Walt Disney Studios has been the foundation on which The Walt Disney Company was built. Today, the Studio brings quality movies, music and stage plays to consumers throughout the world. Feature films are released under the following banners: Disney, including Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios; Disneynature; Marvel Studios; Lucasfilm; and Touchstone Pictures, the banner under which live-action films from DreamWorks Studios are distributed. The Disney Music Group encompasses the Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records labels, as well as Disney Music Publishing. The Disney Theatrical Group produces and licenses live events, including Disney on Broadway, Disney On Ice and Disney Live!

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The ultimate test of man and machine vs. the wild is coming to HISTORY® with the premiere of the new competition series ALASKA OFF ROAD WARRIORS Sunday, November 30 at 10 PM ET/PT. The clock is ticking as five teams compete against each other and the harsh terrain of Alaska in the pursuit of a hefty reward and the chance to make off-road history.

ALASKA OFF ROAD WARRIORS is an intense off-road competition series where five teams of two face-off in a grueling timed race across Alaska. Racing from the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic Ocean, this is a race, a competition, an expedition and an adventure of epic proportions. From the muddy terrain to the unpredictable wilderness, these teams will travel across eight of the most dangerous and rugged trails in the world. The trails will be divided into two legs and the team with the lowest aggregated time from all the trails will be named the winner. As they race against time - and each other - the perils of their journey will not only test their trusty vehicles but the teams themselves. Which team will be the victor of this quest to find out who can navigate the extreme wilderness of Alaska? Meet the teams of ALASKA OFF ROAD WARRIORS:

Butch ”Big Dog” Evans & “Wild” Bill Coty – Despite having the skills that only 25+ years of off-road experience can develop, this veteran team plan to win by any means necessary.

Brent & Scott Leigh – These North Pole brothers believe off-roading is a way of life, not just a form of recreation. They're bold approach: Fire. Aim. Ready.

Carl Jantz & Rich Rudman – The only non-Alaskans, these ‘outsiders' from Seattle have a lot to prove but are often referred to as “MacGyver” and the “Mad Scientist.” They can make their home crafted jeep run with a paper clip.

Pete & Shey Lannigan – The Irish brother–sister team who has been at each other’s throats since childhood but have each other’s back till the bitter end.

Jason Beard & Glen “The Polack” Lucas – A former Marine and his loyal friend are the renegades of the competition but plan to put themselves on the map of hardcore off-roaders.

ALASKA OFF ROAD WARRIORS is produced for HISTORY by Original Productions. Executive producers for HISTORY are Elaine Frontain Bryant, Julian P. Hobbs and Ed de Rivaz. Executive producers for Original Productions are Philip D. Segal, Jeff Conroy, Sarah Whalen and Dolph Scott.

HISTORY®, now reaching more than 96 million homes, is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner across all platforms. he network’s all-original programming slate, including scripted event programming, features a roster of hit series including American Pickers®, American Restoration™, Ax Men™, Counting Cars™, Pawn Stars® and Swamp People® as well as HISTORY®’s first scripted series Vikings, and epic miniseries and special programming such as The Bible, The Men Who Built America and the Emmy® Award-winning Hatfields & McCoys, Gettysburg, Vietnam in HD, America The Story of Us® and 102 Minutes That Changed America. The HISTORY® website is the leading online resource for all things history, and in 2011, the United States Library of Congress selected HISTORY®’s Civil War 150 site for inclusion in the historic collection of Internet materials related to the American Civil War sesquicentennial.

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#Laggies Q&A WITH DIRECTOR LYNN SHELTON This Saturday In San Francisco


Overeducated and underemployed, 28 year old Megan (Keira Knightley) is in the throes of a quarterlife crisis. Squarely into adulthood with no career prospects, no particular motivation to think about her future and no one to relate to, Megan is comfortable lagging a few steps behind – while her friends check off milestones and celebrate their new grown-up status. When her high-school sweetheart (Mark Webber) proposes, Megan panics and– given an unexpected opportunity to escape for a week – hides out in the home of her new friend, 16-year old Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Annika’s world-weary single dad Craig (Sam Rockwell).


Director Lynn Shelton will be in attendance Saturday, November 1st for a special Q&A following the 7:25PM showing at AMC METREON101 4th St. 3rd Floor, San Francisco

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To kick off the return of the original SAW in theaters this Halloween Weekend, Arclight Cinemas will be hosting a special Q&A with the original filmmakers and cast of the most successful Horror Franchise of all time.

TONIGHT – Thursday 10/30 @ 9:45pm PST / 12:45am EST

Join moderator, Evan Dickson from Bloody Disgusting, at the ArcLight Hollywood and reminisce with the cast about this iconic franchise. The Q&A will also be live streamed into four other Arclight locations [Beach Cities, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, La Jolla] so get your tickets here now:

For those of you not in the LA area, Watch the Q&A after the Jump...

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#AVENGERSAGEOFULTRON Extended Trailer & New Images

A Special Look at Marvel's AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON that aired on this weeks episode of MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel Studios presents “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the epic follow-up to the biggest Super Hero movie of all time.

When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

See all the images after the Jump....

Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” stars Robert Downey Jr., who returns as Iron Man, along with Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk. Together with Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, and with the additional support of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill, the team must reassemble to defeat James Spader as Ultron, a terrifying technological villain hell-bent on human extinction. Along the way, they confront two mysterious and powerful newcomers, Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, and Pietro Maximoff, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and meet an old friend in a new form when Paul Bettany becomes Vision. Written and directed by Joss Whedon and produced by Kevin Feige, Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series “The Avengers,” first published in 1963. Get set for an action-packed thrill ride when The Avengers return in Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” on May 1, 2015.

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Trailer for #STARRYEYES. How Far Would You Go...To Be A Star?

How Far Would You Go...To Be A Star? Watch the Trailer for STARRY EYES To Find Out

Determined to make it as an actress in Hollywood, Sarah Walker spends her days working a dead-end job, enduring petty friendships and going on countless casting calls in hopes of catching her big break. After a series of strange auditions, Sarah lands the leading role in a new film from a mysterious production company. But with this opportunity comes bizarre ramifications that will transform her both mentally and physically into something beautiful... and altogether terrifying.

MPI will release STARRY EYES on iTunes / OnDemand and in theaters November 14, 2014.

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#BatmanvSuperman Dawn of Justice" - National Save the Bats Wee

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice - National Save the Bats Wee

It’s National Save the Bats Week and "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" filmmakers and talent have teamed up with the Organization for Bat Conservation ( ) to create a special PSA. Kindly watch/read the links below.

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#EXMACHINA Teaser Trailer

To erase the line between man and machine is to obscure the line between men and gods.

Alex Garland, writer of 28 Days Later and Sunshine, makes his directorial debut with the stylish and cerebral thriller, EX MACHINA. Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson), a programmer at an internet-search giant, wins a competition to spend a week at the private mountain estate of the company's brilliant and reclusive CEO, Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac). Upon his arrival, Caleb learns that Nathan has chosen him to be the human component in a Turing Test—charging him with evaluating the capabilities, and ultimately the consciousness, of Nathan’s latest experiment in artificial intelligence. That experiment is Ava (Alicia Vikander), a breathtaking A.I. whose emotional intelligence proves more sophisticated––and more deceptive––than the two men could have imagined.
Rated: R

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#INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 Wishes You A Happy Halloween. Open If You Dare

Happy Halloween from INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3


The newest chapter in the terrifying horror series is written and directed by franchise co-creator Leigh Whannell. This chilling prequel, set before the haunting of the Lambert family, reveals how gifted psychic Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead in order to help a teenage girl (Stefanie Scott) who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity.

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By: Suepafly

The Freak Show remains quiet on Halloween, with Edward Mordrake's eerie green fog accompanies his ghost around as he questions other freaks looking for the one to add to his troupe. So far he has not found the one pure freak to add to his group. He makes them all confess their sin, telling him how they came to be a part of the show. He wants their darkest moments. The woman with no legs stabbed a man she was jealous of, though he had inspired to perform. The microcephalics, Pepper and Salty, dance around innocently, not a care in the world or even notice that Mordrake is watching them. Paul sought solace in the dark, he came during the depression though. People hated his deformity, and he hated them, wanted to make them fear him, so he tattooed his body, but not his handsome face. He could have ruled the world with a different body. None of them are the one he's looking for.

Mordrake pays Elsa a visit. He wishes to see her deformity, but she's not ready to show him it yet, she needs to talk. She thinks him the man that will launch her career, but he bursts her bubble. He calls out her delusion, calling her a waste of air. She tells him to get out, thinking him a fake, but he's very real. His freaks grab hold of her, pulling her prosthetic legs from her body, as she screams that she is not one of them. She pretends to be the zoo keeper of the freaks, but she's very much one of them.

Jimmy and Maggie run out of gas. Maggie thinks it's Jimmy's way of making a move on her, and she lashes out at him, but that's not his intention at all. With the curfew in effect, Jimmy thinks that they should get off the road and hide, but Maggie knows the intentions of men. Jimmy insists that she isn't his type, but she knows that in the dark men are less picky, and doesn't believe him that pretty faces aren't his type. He tells her that she has nothing to worry about from him, she should worry more about the townies, they only tolerate them because their freakishness makes them feel better about themselves. A car approaches, and Maggie follows Jimmy into hiding.

The bratty brother is finally awake in the bus, and he wonders if he's going to die. The picnicing girl has no intention of dying there, and she doesn't think that he will either. The little boy is asleep, weak from hunger. She tries to get the brother to untie her as Twisty returns. He opens the cage, and she makes a move. She shoulders Twisty out of the way, and runs off. The brother sits and cowers with fear as she runs away.

Jimmy and Maggie navigate the shadows trying to make it back to camp. They spot the girl running for her life, with the demented clown on her trail. The pair hides, waiting and watching as the clown takes her down, knocking her out and scoops her up to return her. Jimmy follows the clown to see if he can help the girl, and Maggie has no choice but to tag along.

Elsa rights herself, trying to seduce Mordrake, but he's beyond seduction. He wants her misery only, her pair. 1932 sexual depravity hit all corners. Whatever you wanted you can have it, and Elsa found herself in the middle of it. She was a myth, the star even there. She never let her clients touch her, unlike the other whores, she dominated them on every level. In time she attracted clients and audiences. She called the watchers, she didn't know their names, only that they paid well. In the end she was nothing, she became a ghost. But that's not the worse. Mordrake wants more.

Jimmy and Maggie watch the clown as he goes back to the bus. Jimmy cautions Maggie, wants her to stay while he gets a closer look. He peers inside, and he knows that the guy is a killer. Before he can go get the cops, Twisty's spoiled sidekick Dandy knocks out Jimmy. Now it's time for the real show.

Hotel Olympia, 1932. Elsa was the top seller, but this time was different. Drunk, she shows up, and the camera's roll. The man offers her a drink. She was all alone, for the film which was off. She was utterly powerless, but even drugged it wasn't enough to dull the pain as they bound her and cut off her legs. They left her there to die, but one of her clients had fallen in love with her. He followed her everywhere, and rushed in the minute they left. She never forgave him for it. The film was passed around everywhere. She was a star, but her career was over. She had the most beautiful legs. Mordrake's other face tells him that she is the one, and Elsa is ready for him to take her, but as she begs him to take her he hesitates. He hears music.

In the woods, the show is starting, and music sounds as Twisty plays off key. Dandy announces his act. He plans to saw Tiny Tits (Maggie) in half. Jimmy awakens as the show begins, and he knocks out Dandy to save Maggie. Twisty claps an applause, and Jimmy tells everyone to run. Twisty manages to grab only Jimmy and brings him back to his bus. As he raises his scissors over Jimmy, he stops, noticing Mordrake. Mordrake wants to see the show though.

Dandy screams at his former hostages. He wants to finish his show. Maggie points them into the direction of the road, telling them to call the police as Maggie leads Dandy away. He trips over a log. She ruined his Halloween.

Mordrake tries to get Twisty to open up, but he remains silent. He wants him to remove his mask, to tell him his story. Twisty's jaw is all but gone, he's not able to do much more than make some noise. Mordrake tells him to slow, and focus so that he can understand him. It was 1943, and he was the special Chidren's clown in a traveling carnival. He loved the children, but not the freaks, they were mean. One night, two little people invite him to join them for a smoke around the fire. It burns his throat, and the teasing goes on. One of the guys accuses him of molesting the kids, they scare him, telling him that the cops are coming for him, and the poor simpleton believes and runs off. News travels quickly in the carnival circles, and he went home, but his mother had died, so he sought solace in his bus. He had the idea that he would turn trash into gold, he tried to sell his creations to a toy store, but the toy maker refused to buy them. He tried to interest one little boy in his toy, but only scared him and his mother. The Toy maker alludes that he's one of those people who do bad things to kids, and Twisty freaks out. He's not a bad person. Depressed, he tries to commit suicide, but he's so dumb he can't even do that right, and managed to only blow off his jaw with the shotgun. That's when he had a new idea. He haunted the freak show. It's a sad tale a pitiful one, but Mordrake wants more. Twisty saved the kids from the freaks. The children forgot that they loved him, and the freaks were stealing them once more. He tells Mordrake how came up with a show for the child that he took, scare the crap out of is more like it. How things happened aren't quite how he remembers them. Is the end of out twisted clown? He was nice and didn't make the child do any chores, though he did kill his mother. He even got a pretty babysitter for him, no mention of the boyfriend he killed. He believes he's good, and Mordrake's other face renders his decision. Mordrake has met many, but only Twisty has caused the demon to weep. Mordrake drives his sword into Twisty's stomach as Jimmy watches from the bus. The dead troupe claim their newest member, welcoming him into their fold. In death his jaw is restored, he's whole, and he has a new home. Jimmy hides before the ghosts can see him.

Dandy comes back to find Twisty dead. He takes up Twisty's fallen mask, and slides into his serial killer state. Sirens sound in the distance, which aren't nearly as comforting as they should be to Jimmy.

Morning has arrived. The detectives look around the scene of Twisty's and Dandy's last act. One questions Maggie asking if she ever saw the faces of her almost killers, but she didn't, the sawer had a mask. Another detective focuses on Jimmy, asking if he recognized the voices. He didn't. The detective tells Maggie that she's a hero, she got the others back to their families safely, but she insists the real hero is Jimmy. The other detective takes a more accusatory stance, acting as if Jimmy was in on the whole thing, even threatening to take him in. Jimmy isn't taking his crap though, and tells him to write his name down so he knows how to spell it when he goes to the reporters. He alludes that the real killer is them, they killed Meep and he didn't deserve to die, someone is going to pay.

Maggie and Jimmy arrive back at the show, and Elsa gives them an icy reception, thinking they've been out lollygagging all night. Being turned down by Mordrake is rubbing her the wrong way. Jimmy announces that the curfew has been lifted. Maggie tells Elsa that they caught the killer, rather Jimmy did, and that because of him the kids were saved. She gives Jimmy a kiss before leaving him, her opinion of him has changed. Jimmy may be reconsidering his type. Elsa sees that Maggie has cast a spell on Jimmy. Elsa tells him about Mordrake visiting, Jimmy knows he saw him claim his freak. People arrive at the show, and Elsa is sure that they're getting ready to drive them away, but they aren't. One of the fathers has come to thank Jimmy, he saved his son and his town. The people embrace the freaks, and Jimmy searches out Maggie's face, unsure of the reception. Elsa uses the good fortune to tell everyone about the evening's show. Dell drunkenly stumbles from his trailer to see Jimmy surrounded by the townspeople being enbraced.

Elsa and the others ready for a big show. She has news for the embittered Dot and Bette. They have a sold out show, and she's changing around the show. Dot thinks that now that there's a sold out show they'll be warming up for her, but she's doing no such thing. They're warming up for the pinheads. They were last week's big news, and that banner has been taken down. Mansfield now Richard Spencer comes stumbling in. He'd wanted to buy a ticket,but the show is sold out. He hands Elsa his card, claiming to be a talent scout, and she makes room for him.

Dandy returns home looking more a mess than normal. Dora is still not impressed by him, and she reminds him that Halloween is over. She wants him to take a tray to his mother, who is exhausted after trying to find him a better costume. When Dandy just stands there, Dora demands that he move out of her way so that she can take the tray up herself. He slashes her throat, and Dora bleeds out on the floor as Dandy sits there laughing.

Discuss this review with fellow SJF fans on Facebook and make sure to follow us at @SandwichJFilms on Twitter, and follow the author Sue Lukenbaugh on Twitter at @suepafly.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Here is the first TV spot for AGENT CARTER series, arriving in January 2015 on ABC

Years before Agent Coulson and his S.H.I.E.L.D. team swore to protect those who cannot protect themselves from threats they cannot conceive, there was Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell, Marvel’s “Captain America: The First Avenger,” Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”), who pledged the same oath but lived in a different time when women weren’t recognized as being as smart or as tough as their male counterparts.

But no one should ever underestimate Peggy.

It’s 1946 and peace has dealt Peggy a serious blow as she finds herself marginalized when the men return home from fighting abroad. Working for the covert SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve), Peggy finds herself stuck doing administrative work when she would rather be back out in the field; putting her vast skills into play and taking down the bad guys. But she is also trying to navigate life as a single woman in America, in the wake of losing the love of her life, Steve Rogers – aka Captain America.

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When old acquaintance Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper, Marvel’s “Captain America: The First Avenger”) finds himself being framed for unleashing his deadliest weapons to anyone willing to pony up the cash, he contacts Peggy – the only person he can trust – to track down those responsible, dispose of the weapons and clear his name. He empowers his butler, Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy, “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World”), to be at her beck and call when needed to help assist her as she investigates and tracks down those responsible for releasing these weapons of mass destruction. But Jarvis, who is a creature of habit and sticks to a rigid daily routine, is going to have to make some major life changes if he’s going to be able to keep up with Peggy.

If caught going on these secret missions for Stark, Peggy could be targeted as a traitor and spend the rest of her days in prison – or worse. And as she delves deeper into her investigation, she may find that those she works for are not who they seem, and she might even begin to question whether Stark is as innocent as he claims.

Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter
James D’Arcy as Edwin Jarvis
Chad Michael Murray as Agent Jack Thompson
Enver Gjokaj as Agent Daniel Sousa
Shea Whigham as Chief Roger Dooley.
Scripted by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.
Dominic Cooper will reprise his role as Howard Stark
Kyle Bornheimer plays Agent Ray Krzeminski, who will clash with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)
Lyndsy Fonseca plays aspiring actress named Angie Martinelli who befriends Peggy Carter

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First Look At #TerminatorGenisys

We’ve heard a lot of talk about how Terminator: Genisys will play with the timeline originally established by James Cameron in the first two films. Now, with Entertainment Weekly publishing the first proper looks at the new movie via its latest covers, there are also some intriguing story details to relate.

Naturally, we would caution that if you read ahead, you’re wandering into SPOILER TERRITORY, so be suitably advised.

Genisys reportedly starts in 2029, with the war between the human rebels and Skynet’s malicious machines is in full swing. Present and correct – though played now by different actors – are John Connor (Jason Clarke) and Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) who are taking advantage of pushing back against the antagonistic artificial intelligence to send Reese to 1984 on his mission to save Sarah Connor from termination at the hands of a killer cyborg.

So far, so story as usual for the franchise. But when Reese makes it into the past, things are very different. Sarah Connor is not the same woman we met in The Terminator, played by Linda Hamilton. In an altered timeline, she’s portrayed by Emilia Clarke and is an antisocial recluse who has killer sniper skills, but little ability to interact with her fellow humans. And that’s because – twist alert! – she was orphaned at nine by a Terminator attack and has been living with an aging T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as protector since then. “Since she was nine, she has been told everything that was supposed to happen,” producer Megan Ellison tells the magazine. “But Sarah fundamentally rejects that destiny. She says, ‘That’s not what I want to do.’ It’s her decision that drives the story in a very different direction.”

And according to co-star Matt Smith, who plays a still-unnamed comrade to Connor, the plan was to honor the franchise while bringing something fresh. “It’s like going on tour again if you’re Pink Floyd – the audience always wants to hear some of the old songs. There are enough nods to the past that people will feel satisfied.”

Thor: The Dark World’s Alan Taylor directed the film, and it’ll be demanding your movie-going money on July 3 next year. Apparently one of the flesh-free Terminators appearing in the film is very happy to be in the thing – check out that grin…

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