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Enter For A Chance To Win Passes To See Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One In Phoenix

Marvel Collector Corps Review: August 2015

After a smallish June, Marvel returns with a big Secret War theme. Review by Matt Cummings The subscription box war has seen Marvel enter the fray with it Collector Corps boxes, which resulted in a fabulous and memorable April , which was followed up by a somewhat disappointing June . While not a total failure like Fox's The Fantastic Four , it did show just how close Marvel had cozied-up with Funko Pop; whether that bothers you probably depends on a number of factors, including the addition of Pop! figures in every box. And while Ant-Man the movie has grown on me, I still can't say the same about that month's Collector Corp. So it's very satisfying to announce that August's box - SECRET WAR - is back with everything we loved about April, giving fans exactly what they want: quality exclusives, including a shirt. The Promise Before we begin, let's look at the deal again: promising a value of $50, the box would keep the "fluff" (the

#LootCrate Review: August 2015

As August's Villains 2 box arrives, will fans support Loot Crate's new direction? Read on to find out! Review by Matt Cummings Loot Crate appears to be at a crossroads. Having turned in an impressive run of subscription boxes in March , April , May , and June , July proved the company isn't willing to keep sending us the same thing every month. The once staple crop of a t-shirt surrounded by lower-end stuff was recently replaced with a cool figure, a hardbound book, and a rad batarang that's quickly become the most used bottle opener in the house. Some fans (like our own SandwichJohn) are opting out, with others complaining that Loot's LevelUp program is sending shirts that don't arrive with their Crate and ultimately don't fit. August's box of VILLAINS 2 is more of the same, leaving me to wonder how long customer loyalty will last. Remember Loot's promise: a $22 subscription should yield more in value than the cost. Let's see