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Ghosted Trailer Starring Chris Evans & Ana de Armas

A Good Day To Die Hard Review. Has The Franchise Run Out Of Fuel?

A Good Day to Die Hard Review By: MattInRC Bruce Willis' return in A Good Day to Die Hard answers another important Movie Question of 2013. And that's not a good thing. Oh, Die Hard franchise where have you gone? To be honest, I stopped following you after the less-than-exciting 1995's Die Hard With a Vengeance . To me, you had run out of fuel, and other action films - other movies that year like Goldeneye and Crimson Tide offered more depth to the action than I had expected. Even your fourth film - 2007's Live Free or Die Hard - got beaten out that year by National Treasure II and Transformers , all signaling that perhaps your best days were over. Thus the Valentines Day release of A Good Day to Die Hard comes as quite a shock to us. Does your once great franchise rediscover its footing and usher Willis back into his old form? Not so much. Police detective John McClane ( Bruce Willis , Looper) learns that his son Jack ( Jai Cortney , Jack

Win Tickets To An Advance Screening For A Good Day To Die Hard In Sacramento

Win your tickets to see an advance screening for A Good Day to Die Hard ! The screening is on Tuesday, February 12, 2012 at 7:00 PM at Regal Natomas 16. A Good Day to Die Hard is an upcoming American action film directed by John Moore and written by Skip Woods. It will be the fifth installment of the Die Hard film series and stars Bruce Willis reprising the lead role of John McClane, who travels to Russia to help his estranged son, Jack (Jai Courtney), out of prison, but is soon caught in the crossfire of a terrorist plot. When secret CIA operative, Jack McClane, gets into trouble in Moscow, Russia, John has to travel to foreign soil to help his son out of prison. However, when there, terrorists use the circumstances behind Jack's arrest to further their agenda of a nuclear weapons heist, and the father-son duo learn that, despite their differences, they must work together to stop them. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY  First thing you need to do is Make sure to LIKE Sa

New A Good Day To Die Hard Trailer

Since the new Die Hard outing is set in Russia, we feel Chekhov himself – the writer, not the Enterprise ensign – would be forced to adapt his famous maxim to “If there is a car/building/helicopter in the first act, it will explode later in the film.” That certainly holds true for A Good Day To Die Hard ’s latest trailer. The fifth instalment finds Bruce Willis’ John McClane heading to Russia to help wayward son Jack ( Jai Courtney ). But what our hero doesn't initially realise is Jack is more than just a chip off the old block: he’s a covert CIA operative now under threat from a very nasty villain who has his fingers in some extremely unsafe pies So the endlessly frustrated NYPD veteran will have to find common ground with his estranged sprog, and let’s just say that the bonding time doesn’t involve many hugs or group therapy sessions. No, guns, grenades and jumping out of exploding towers are the order of the day here. We’re offered some fresh footage to supplement sh

A Good Day to Die Hard Trailer

Here is the trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard . A Good Day to Die Hard will be the fifth entry in the action franchise featuring irascible and still-not-yet-retired NYPD officer John McClane—other potential titles included Die Hard or Die Trying and You’re Going to Die Hard, Charlie Brown–but this time he’s got an unlikely partner. Sure, he had an unlikely partner in the last two Die Hard movies, but now it’s his son, okay? Spartacus‘ Jai Courtney plays John McClane, Jr. (a.k.a. Jack) alongside Bruce Willis as the McClane clan head to Russia. Watch the trailer after the Jump... “That’s the thing about the Die Hard franchise, John’s always a fish out of water,” says Courtney, who is also starring opposite Tom Cruise in this fall’s Jack Reacher. “What could be further out of water for him than Russia?” Making things even more complicated, father and son don’t necessarily get along. “The relationship isn’t always functional. These are two guys who have been estranged for some

Director Talks A Good Day To Die Hard

Empire got the chance to talk to John Moore who is the director of the upcoming fifth Die Hard movie, A Good Day To Die Hard. The plot of the fivequel - if you're comfortable using the term - sees Bruce Willis' John McClane facing off against angry Russian foes after his son, Jack (newcomer Jai Courtney), gets himself into some "serious international trouble" in Moscow. Many fans of the franchise will be concerned about the idea of another sequel, but Moore - who's previously directed Max Payne and the 2006 remake of The Omen - is aware of the anxious question mark hanging over the film. What's more, he's also keen to downplay idea that the fifth Die Hard could be a light-hearted romp - this is a Die Hard movie, pure and simple. In other words, no glib jokes then? No "How can the same shit happen to the same guy five times..." lines? "No, because that’s preposterous! I don’t know whether it’s post-financial crash or whatever, but

John Moore To Direct Die Hard 5

After a long search process, 20th Century Fox and Bruce Willis have just chosen John Moore to direct Die Hard 5 . The film will shoot in Russia, and the hope is to make it before Willis moves on to shoot a Red sequel for Summit Entertainment. In fact, Willis has just begun going through the same director search with Summit on a sequel to the 2010 hit Red . Robert Schwentke is busy helming Universal’s R.I.P.D. with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. They’ve just begun casting the dragnet for directors on that film. Names like Breck Eisner are being floated, but other shooters are being considered. As for Die Hard 5 , Moore is in final negotiations and was in the running through the entire search as Fox tried to find a filmmaker that pleased Willis and the studio execs that have to shoot this movie in Russia and bring it in on a budget and a tight schedule. Fox has been looking for a new director since Noam Murro left the picture after he got the job helming 300: Battle Of Artemisia

Have They Finally Found A Director For Die Hard 5?

Rumblings of a fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise have been circulating for better than a year now with things appearing to firm up in June when word broke that Noam Murro had been attached to direct with a script being written by Skip Woods. Since Murro's attachment to Die Hard 5 became public knowledge the director has also been attached to direct 300 prequel Xerxes (aka 300: Battle Of Artemisia) and Twitch has learned that the demands of Xerxes have led to Murro having to exit Die Hard 5. Who will take the helm in his place? Nothing is definite yet but our sources tell us that John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, Max Payne) has been told that the film is essentially his to take or leave. While the directing situation on Die Hard 5 is not yet clear we do have the first real plot details for the picture. In keeping with the trend of each Die Hard movie being larger than the last the fifth installment is going to move into international territory. Our sources tell u

Die Hard 5 Could Be Coming Next Year

Die Hard 5 Could Be Coming Next Year What do you all think about another Die Hard film? I really enjoyed the last Die Hard film, with all the action that it had for us. I know it will never win an Best Oscar award but it is one hell of a roller coaster film. "I think we're going to do a 'Die Hard 5' next year. That is what Bruce Willis told MTV while doing an interview for his upcoming film "Cop Out" "The John McClane that exists is only in film and in people's minds. And it continues to grow, that mythology continues to grow," he explained. Looks like the next film will take us worldwide. We have been in a building, an airport, in New York and the internet, so why not the entire world. "Well it's got to go worldwide," Willis concluded. "That would be my contribution to [the next movie]." Please Leave A Comment- Source- MTV