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SANDWICHJOHNFILMS started in 2009. I wanted to make a place where people like myself could come and get up to date Movie, Television and pop culture news and information. The site started as a passion of mine and grew into what it is today.

Our goal here is to give you the most accurate news and information when it hits the web. I don't post what the studio wants or asked me to post, I post stories and interviews I would want to read myself. I will bring you Exclusive interviews with the star makers in Hollywood with a little twist of Sandwich.

When we do our Movie, Television and Book reviews they are written from our point of view. We are not professional movie critics and we do not get payed if we write a positive review or a negative. It is our point of view and take it with a grain of salt. We are like you, everyday working people who love Movies and Television.

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I Am SandwichJohn

John Meneghetti
Owner/ President/ Webmaster/ Reporter
Twitter: @sandwichjfilms

Matt Cummings
Contributing Writer/ Reporter/ Movie & DVD Reviews
Contributing Writer/ Reporter/ Reviewer Of All Things Hammer

Contributing Writer / Reviewer Of All Things

Sue Lukenbaugh
TV/Movie Reviewer/ Contributing Writer

Brandon Wolfe
TV/Movie Reviewer/ Contributing Writer
Twitter: @ChiusanoWolfe

Zak Sousa
Co-host/Movie Reviewer

Marino F. "The Don"
Contributing Writer/Reviewer

Randy Jennings
Contributing Writer/Reviewer

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