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Rodriguez Talks Predators and Jetsons

Rodriguez Talks Predators and Jetsons Robert Rodriguez's Plate seems very full with all the movies that he has plans to come out with. Rodriguez added that things are moving forward on Predators, the reboot/prequel film, which he's producing. Specifically, he said that he's loaned out his Austin, Texas, studio and crew to help breathe new life into the franchise. "I have a director on that [Nimród Antal], and it's my main crew that I usually use," he said. "It's taking place right there, so I get to walk in and see designs and comment on stuff and work on the script with him. We start shooting that pretty soon." Another long-gestating project Rodriguez is attached to is Sin City 2, which he said is on the back burner and which lacks at least one important element. "Until I'm actually on the set, it's not happening," he confessed. "But we have a script—we just haven't shot it yet." The recently announced futuristic