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Ghosted Trailer Starring Chris Evans & Ana de Armas

No Original Star Wars on Blu-ray, But...

Fans can see the original in all its glory, thanks to some dedicated fans. Last month, we reported that Disney was preparing to release on Blu-ray the original Star Wars trilogy, minus all of Director George Lucas's 'Special Edition' edits, which included new special effects, a re-recorded soundtrack, and addition of previously unreleased scenes. Sadly, Disney - the parent company to Lucasfilm - issued a statement quickly debunking the rumor. Wait, you didn't know there was a difference? For years, Lucas has stated that his original version of the film was only "25%-30%" of the version he had envisioned. Yet, for many fans who first saw the original crawl without from A New Hope sans the 'Episode IV' subtitle, that version is still the best. Who could blame them? Greedo shooting first? A comical interlude with a younger Jabba the Hut? Nonsense. Even when the Blu-ray set was released, fans complained that the transfer process darkened